Sunday, October 13, 2013

Yeah, so, whatever

Ok. Please bear (bare??) with me, I'm going on about three hours sleep in a 36 hour period of time. There are going to be some spelling and grammar mistakes all up in here. 

So I find myself with things to say again. Things of value? Absolutely not. So here I am.  

An alarming number of you have been adamant that I need to do this nonsense again** (like 3 people) so here I am. 

Is blogging still a thing? Do people still read things? Is it all vlogs now? I don't pretend to know what people do nowadays. 

Anyhoodle, here we go. I had full intentions of making a whole new blog chronicling the current time in my life but coming up with like names and shit is hard (no).  So I'm going back to this piece of shit. 

You are all so welcome. 

**Yeah so I was going to do a whole thing where I talk about keto/ low carb high fat and all that jazz. And I fully intend to I just can't think of what to call it. So I will post here for the time being. Deal with it. 


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