Thursday, October 8, 2009

I've gotta chase the papers


I think the majority of the very few people that read this know I crochet. Even when I had a job, I did it a lot. I have been crocheting for about 5 years. I may be an old lady, but I enjoy it. I can make stuff. Will a ball of yarn. Can you? That's what I thought. 

So in my "time off "I have crocheted a lot.  There are only so many blankets and scarves and such I can make for myself. So now I am attempting to make some for other people.  Maybe someone will actually  buy it. 

I have an etsy store.  It's still in the beginning stages so it looks a little barbaric but my stuff is on there, and this is just a small amount of what I have put together to put on there, I just have to finish it, but my stuff is on there. Look at it. Buy it. Tell all your friends. Support the poverty stricken. 

My shop:

Here are a few things I have on there. 

iPhone Cozy - Yes I am serious

Star Afghan

Rainbow Brite Scarf

Also, if anyone should happen to want me to make them something, I surely take requests and I surely have the time, so let me know. It's something I love doing and I love to make things for people. 

And if I don't sell a thing, guess what all of you are getting for Christmas! So go ahead and pick your faves now!


Ms. Jules said...

I have several 'crafty' friends who sell their 'wares' on

You have a true gift and talent for this! :)

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