Tuesday, September 14, 2010


To anyone that has been paying attention to fb for the past few months you may have noticed some changes that have yet to be explained to you. I realize I owe metaphorical facebook stalkers no explanation but some unfortunate things have happened this year and I might as well put everything out in the open now.

Through no fault of anyones, I have found myself 29-years-old, divorced and living in my sister’s gameroom with her and her family in Collierville. To say this is not where I saw myself years ago, is an understatement. But when life gives you lemons, you are supposed to do something with them, so I started a blog, the lemonade of the webernet.

I have been given the gift of free time at my new job, that I am very grateful for, and I am choosing to use that time by informing the masses of my sad life and what, exactly, I am going to do with that life.

I have found myself with a lot of things to say recently and no outlet in which to say them so here we are. The language of misspent adulthood: blogging. These things that I have to say are in no way life altering, important or meaningful. Basically it’s just shit I have to say. The glory of the internet is that you don’t have to read these things, but I feel it is my duty as a human to let you know where you can find this garbage:

Things I won’t be saying: The details of my divorce are in no way scandalous or even remotely intriguing but that doesn’t mean I am going to go into them. David and I remain friends and I still believe he is a wonderful, kind person and I wish him the best in life that he deserves.

Things I will be saying: I don’t know! I can’t predict the future…or can I???

I also feel I need to add that I know a lot of people find me offensive and I regret to inform you that it is probably just going to get worse. So if you are offended by anything that I have said in the past, I…don’t care, but consider yourself warned. I have done my duty to touchy assholes with no sense of humor. You’re welcome.

So, yeah. Hope to see you bitches later…


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