Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Only Reason I Look Hot in Glasses is because I can't See Without Them

well...that guy's excused

Busy today so I will make this short and sweet, like me. Booyah! That joke was for all your grandmas out there.

I posted a link earlier on the FB of the Justin Timberlake/ Jimmy Fallon video. I will not go into details now about the video, you can go ahead and google that if this is the first time you have checked the internet today.

In the video, Mr. JT is wearing glasses. I want to say that I have seen him wear glasses before, meaning that he actually needs those glasses and he is not just posing with glasses because he is a hipster douche. But I can’t be sure, but since it is Justin Timberlake, he can have all the passes he wants to both my heart and my bajingo.

But this brings me to something that needs to be discussed…why do designer, non-prescription, non-sun glasses exist? Fashion glasses, if you will.

As someone who has been forced to wear her glasses lately because my two-week contacts just had their third birthday and I can’t afford new ones or the eye exam that I will need to go with them, I feel glasses can be more of a burden than a fashion statement.

Every time I would walk outside from being in a cold building to the humid summer heat, they fog up. It’s impossible to lay down comfortably with them on. You can’t open the oven without being blinded from steam. I have to be thisclose to the mirror when getting ready so I can actually see what I am doing. They get in the way when doing anything to your hair. Glasses can be a pain in the ass. So why, WHY would you choose to wear glasses when you don’t need them. And, more importantly, how stupid do you feel when a glasses-wearer asks you what prescription you wear and your response is “Yeah, these are fashion glasses” and for how long did they laugh at you?

It’s like rolling yourself around in a wheelchair when you can easily walk. It may not be as extreme as that, but it’s just as stupid. It’s like when you were a kid and you put a paper clip in your mouth and pretended to have braces. It’s that dumb and pointless.

If you would like bad eyesight so you can look cool in your hipster glasses, I’ve got an eclipse you can stare at…


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