Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Bad Enough My Sister has a Facebook

I would like to take this time to thank my mother. Not for being a great mom or any of that sappy shit, I am thanking her simply because she doesn’t have a Facebook. Thanks, mom!

I am pretty sure my mother wouldn’t know what to do with a Facebook if she had one and that is fine with me. She isn’t exactly tech savvy and she gets uncomfortable even ordering things online.  I am also pretty sure that she doesn’t know how to check her voicemail as of yet, but I could be wrong about that.  There are many things she does well, but technology isn’t one of them.

Parents and Facebook, just don’t mix. They don’t.*

I have no doubt that a lot of moms/ parents can handle the Facebook and the way their offspring act on it, but you just know that some can’t. I am going to say that most can’t handle the youth (I can’t take credit for that, I stole it from Lifetime).

I am sure there are some parents out there that keep up with their own shit on FB. They don’t care what their kids are doing and they have their own lives and friends to tend to, but most parents, I would imagine, just want to spy on their kids, which is understandable, but not that cool.

Facebook is really only for a few different things: looking at pictures, making fun of things, stalking, whoring out products/ events/ blogs, and stupidity. If you aren’t using it for any of those reasons, you should be. It’s what it’s there for!

But do you really want to know that much about your children? Do you really need to know that they are gearing up for Friday night? Do you even want to know how wasted they got this past weekend? Does it behoove you to know that your children are drunken morons that are more or less full of shit? I am going to say no. Just…no.

I, personally, think my parents are too cool for Facebook. They aren’t nosy and they are shocked by very little that I do.  Their take on anything that either of their children do is “You are going to do whatever you want no matter what I say.” That is exactly right. They both ignore that I am a certain way and we go on about our lives, it works for us.

However, I have found that some things I do say actually get back to my parents and you know who you are! Nothing I say on FB should ever, ever be taken for anything other than garbage (shit, I even named my blog after it!), so why certain people feel the need to blab to two parents would could not care less that their daughter says “fuck” a lot, supports the gays, or has a penchant for watching stupid people in movies get stabbed, I have no idea. NO ONE CARES! Maybe we are taking ourselves and this BS social networking site a little too seriously? Yes? I think so.

There is also a blog about this exact thing, it’s a phenomenon sadly sweeping the nation:

*To all the FB parents out there, take no offense. I once had a tongue ring and I still have a tribal butterfly lower back tattoo so my opinion means very little.


The Mean Beene said...

My favotite part about the older generations on facebook is the fact that write each comment/post like it's a formal letter.

Stacey Garrett said...

Dear Morgan Beene Cline,

Thank you for comment, they are my favotite.

Stacey Garrett

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