Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Won't Be Sleeping Alone Tonight!

The cuteness in this picture is overwhelming

Why, yes, I am leaving at 12:00 today for a half day. Woohoo! You have to love a half day. It would have been slightly better if I didn’t have to come in tomorrow but oh well. I takes what I can gets.

I am picking up Stella (my Chihuahua) this afternoon and taking her home. Yessss!

David and I have joint custody of the dogs.  I am not allowed to have dogs at my new home because my sister is a heartless dog hater so I will have to wait it out and see them whenever I can and that includes for the next TWO WEEKS! I am so excited. And yes I told the boys as soon as she said yes so that she couldn’t change her mind. Unfair? Maybe. Do I care? No. And they are both super pumped about having a dog in the house.  I just have to keep them from feeding her everything in the house. They love to feed dogs. I don’t know why that is…

David is going to Germany for two weeks and my sister has ever so graciously allowed me to keep Stella at home with me.  Unfortunately, she didn’t allow me to have both Ruby and Smokey at the house during this time and I understand. They are super hyper and Garrett is terrified of both of them but one is enough for now. I’m pretty excited. I miss my damn dogs.

What else?

I have trouble remembering things and that leads to me posting blog ideas via gmail iphone email while making dinner. If I didn’t post it then, I would have quickly forgotten. Sad, yes, but that is what years of hard living does to you. I live so hard…

Anyhoo, you know like on real blogs they have features from time to time? Like STFU, Parents does a “Mom’s Gold Star” once a week and Pajiba does Afternoon Comment Diversions every now and again. Well I will start posting adventures in vegetarianism. I know, I know. It sounds really exciting and monumental. I know. Maybe my mishaps in attempting to cook with foreign objects and such. Or really gross substitutions for meat. And when I am confronted with a fried turkey, what am I am going do, etc. Also you can keep up with small minded individuals who judge, I love to post about t hat. And, like I attempted to say in my ill-fated email post from last night, I will not post recipes unless asked. No one wants to read a recipe on a blog while at work while pretending to work. They just don’t.

I just need to think of something to call this feature…

I am pretty sure that is all I have today. I am too set on getting out the door to really drum up anything else for you people. So booyah to ya, blog readers. See you bitches tomorrow!


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