Friday, September 4, 2009

Why, this stuff's made in New York City. NEW YORK CITY?!


This blog here will be unmanned until Wednesday, September 9th.  I will be in New York City (every time I say or hear New York City I think of that old Pace Picante commercial) visiting Morgan Beene.  

Tisha Leigh and I will be leaving today around 2:15 and arriving home Tuesday around 6:23 in the pm. 

To sum up, these three super cool people right here will be occupied for the next few days:

For both the flight there and the flight home I will be considerably out of it.  I have to take no less than two Dramamine per flight or else it's going to be bad news for me and quite embarrassing for Tish to be with the sick girl who can't stop puking because her head thinks the plane is spinning around in circles.  YAY VERTIGO!\

Tish would look something like this (she's the one on the right):

And I would feel and look something like this:

So you people will have to make due. Sorry to let you down. However, Monday is Labor Day so I hope the lot of you have something fun and exciting to do.  

Will I be summing up the trip when I get back? You bet your ass I will!

Peace to the Out. 


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