Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bake Delicious Breakfast Pastries

In addition to make delcious bread, the breadmaker also has dough settings.
David has asked me a few times these past few weeks, pleaded with me actually, "Please stop making things."

I like to cook and bake and there are only two people there to eat whatever I make so the duty goes to David and myself to make these things gone. I don't care for being wasteful.
What I used to do, when I had a job, was bring at least half of it to work and give it away there. I suppose I could still drive up there and deliver my home baked goodies to my former coworkers but I just don't see that happening.

One day I made soft pretzel dough and when looking for that recipe I came across the recipe for cinnamon rolls. I pointed it out to David and his exact words, "Please don't make those." And I said I wouldn't.

So I made them on Sunday. I made them while David was gone doing something or another. He walked in smelling the aroma of fresh baked cinnamon rolls and he looked at me and said, "What did you do?" He acted mad for about two seconds and then he ate one. That day I had one cinnamon roll that I saved throughout the day. David had 4. I am just saying.

He does like to complain about me making an entire cake for two people to eat and when I fix his plate for dinner he always says, "That is way too much food." But does he ever have an issue cleaning his plate or putting a large dent in a cake? No. No he does not.

And the cinnamon rolls have been frozen in packs of 3 for later consumption.

Don't tell me those don't look delicious (they were).


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