Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday and Sunday - Blog Free

I have chosen to take the weekend off. You people get the weekend off, so why shouldn't I? 

Plus, I literally do nothing on the weekend. And this has not changed since I have had a job. I used to clean on the weekend but now I do that every day so there is no need. 

Sunday has and will always be the day that David and I watch movies and drink all day. I am in no way ashamed to say this. We don't move from the couch and we start drinking around noon (sometimes sooner).  You should try it. It's good stuff. 

So everyone enjoy your weekend, I will see you back here on Monday with fresh Tales of the Unemployed. Maybe you all can take this time to register as one of my Followers? Just a suggestion.

Maybe Play some Twister this Weekend:


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