Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Introducing my Jobless Ass

What does one do when they are unemployed? This is the first time since I was 17 that I have never had a job.

And I usually get the question, “So what do you do all day?”  

Well there is the obvious: look for a job. But there is really only so long you can spend a day surfing the internet and posting your resume to any website that will allow it. I am about to post my resume on Facebook. It couldn’t hurt. 

What did I used to do? A bastardized sup-par version of graphic design. I created the advertising and promotions for a floor covering distributor. It sounds far more glamorous than it actually was. But I was freakin’ good at it and I enjoyed what I did. 

I am currently looking for something along those lines or really just any job that I won’t hate. I worked for a lot of years with a job. That is all it was, a job. Maybe let’s dust off the old brain and actually use it to earn a paycheck, what do you think?

But enough about finding a job. What am I doing when I am sitting at home ALL DAY LONG while everyone else I know is actually working. 

It makes a for a long day, I will tell you that much. I used to think the days at work were endless and mind numbing... just wait until your weekend never ends and there is no end in sight. 

Most days I am not even sure what day it is. Not like the 12th or whatever, but like today is Tuesday. I just realized that. It is only TUESDAY!

Since I have been given the precious gift of time, I am trying my damndest to make the most of it. You know those things that you have always wanted to do but you neither have the time or the want to actually do them. I know that the last thing I want to do when I get home from a long ass day at work is crap around the house. So, now, since I have nothing else to do, let’s get some shit done. 

Go ahead and check back daily to see my progress around the house and to gauge my amount of boredom. 

And I now have a blog. I did get the idea from Jana and I thought about it long ago and now I will have time to update the damn thing. Go check it out. I am going to post occasionally on the ‘book as well. So go to my blog. Let’s make me famous.


The Mean Beene said...

I hope this entertains me on a daily basis. I'm serious, or I will defriend your jobless ass.

Beth said...

I am so with you about the endless weekend! It does seem to never end. I used to think it would be totally cool to never have to work. I have rethought that. It does get kinda lonely and boring! TV sux during the day and I am with you only so many resumes you can send in a day! We should figure out something to do together! Just don't know what it can be!!!

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