Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm going away like this...but then I'll come back like this...

It has been brought to my attention lately from a shocking number of people (one) that I haven’t been blogging lately. And to that I say: “…Duh.”

I am lacking a little something called “motivation.” Oh and also, “something to write about.” Well something to write about that someone out there might want to read, it’s pretty tricky. Seriously. Writer’s block is no joke.

“Oh Stacey, how can you have writer’s block when you only write a super shitty turd of a blog?”

I assure you that writer’s block doesn’t discriminate. Turd or no turd, it’s there and it blows. And it also makes you think that everything you do write down is horseshit but that might just be because it is horseshit???

I am working on a few different things right now and trying to at flesh them out a little before I post. To see if I can actually get some form of content going. They may never see the light of day but know that one day I will be back with something. Not sure if it will be “content” but who wants that?

The reasons I started this blog are pretty simple and in order of my priorites:

  1. Writing practice.
  2. Entertaining myself.
  3. Cataloging memories (they are going quickly, people…old age = mother fucker).
  4. Entertaining others.
  5. Internet fame.
  6. Love and respect.
So really if I gave my blog any kind of content*, I wouldn’t be keeping it real.  I call it garbage because it’s a whole bunch of shit that no one really pays a whole lot of attention to. Giving it content would be like making Family Guy original; it might be worth the effort but the people that watch that piece of shit wouldn’t notice any way. If a tree falls in the woods does anyone who has something better to do going to give a fuck? No. You see where I am going (you probably don’t)…

So anyhoozle, I will be gone for a while but I will be back. Maybe if I get a little pissy like last time I just don’t want to start bitching constantly on the internet. I try and not complain (I do try, I swear) so much as I don’t have all that much to complain about at the moment. And I have been reminded time and time again that that is what the internet is for; complaining. But yeah.

So this is me going on…hiatus? Is it a hiatus when no one is paying attention? Does it even matter? No. If you are reading, thank you! You guys are awesome. Check back later! If you aren’t reading then you will never see this so I will take this time to tell you that everyone hates your guts. You are no fun and have no sense of humor and your friends only pretend to like you…just sayin…

* Here is where I ask for suggestions from everyone on what you would like my “content” to be and here is also where everyone ignores them.


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