Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TWOF Special Report: Casey Anthony

As it was said to me, moments ago, by the great DP, “Facebook mad. This Casey Anthony shit.  All of FB is just one big U MAD? right now.” I could not agree more. Yay for a current and culturally relevant (sorta) blog topic! Go me!

Now if everyone could just STFU and CTFD while we have yet another talk

Yes, I understand me expressing that I am annoyed with people being pissy on facebook is totes the same thing as people expressing their pissiness of the verdict, don’t think I don’t see that. I am very self aware. But also I feel my annoyance is a little more…genuine??? Not as retarded??? I don’t know…

You see I checked Facebook minutes after the verdict was given to see who would be the first person to beat everyone to the punch and get their first Casey Anthony furious status up and you people did NOT disappoint. However, what I didn’t expect was to be eye-raped by outraged morons at the legal system or as one uber-dumbass put it, “Justus System” and the threats of god’s will for Casey Anthony to one day be dealt with were just too much (you know that awesome will of his that saved small children from being (maybe) killed by their mother…oh wait…).

Let’s all take a look at what FB had in store of us, shall we:

How can she not be guilty?!

I have to believe that a higher power will judge her one day.

The Justus system has failed the American People once again

Karma is a bitch, Casey Anthony.

Speechless, what is wrong with people?

The only thing the girl is guilty of is lying to a polica officer!! UNBELIEVABLE!

Sick to my stomach now

I am so shocked that she was acquitted, there is no acquittal in hell.

Very sad day for our jury system (what?)

As DP put it, people are acting like it is their own child when, well, it’s just not. As sad as it is that a child is dead, I hate to break it to everyone, but children die every day, just ask god. And you feel sick? Really? In what monumental way has this entire case fucked up your life to where you just feel sick? Not only do children die every day, but guilty people also get off every day. Happens every mother fucking day. Where is your outrage then? Are you currently following all child murder cases or just the sort of interesting ones?

So while people are more than welcome to post their opinions on facebook (is it their facebook for them to put whatever they want on it) don’t get all pissy and butt-hurt when someone calls you a moron for being on a soap box you not only know nothing about but won’t care about in a few weeks or, if we are being honest here, days. Giving a fuck about the end of a controversial trial about people I don’t know in a state that I don’t live in is probably a bigger waste of time than me writing this blog, but if I am not here to give you a blog-side-eye, who will????


ToeKneeManGo said...

Well said. I didn't follow this trial at all, mostly because it just flat out did not interest me, and even though I certainly don't condone the death of a child, it's honestly not going to affect my own life at all. It seems like a lot of the people that are talking the loudest about this are the ones that are usually more interested in voting for American Idol than anything else on a general basis, so I wouldn't trust their court room procedure if it came down to it anyway lol.

Holly said...

I wasn't sure what to be more offended by today...the outcome of this case, in which I was embarrassingly interested (don't judge me, I like to read other things whilst pretending to work), or the outrageous Angry Grammar that occurred today on Facebook! While grammar is always painfully neglected by my FB friends, Angry Grammar is even worse. A disappointing verdict is no reason to neglect subject-verb agreement, people.

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