Friday, July 1, 2011

“Your blog has sucked since you turned 30”

Pic has nothing to do with anything, but how cute?

I apologize for lack of posts lately, if anyone out there is paying attention. I have made a few very great discoveries over the past few days, like Netflix on your iPhone so I have been doing that while simultaneously doing work. Turns out you actually CAN watch TV and do my job effectively. Seriously. I have been on task like a mother fucker. Maybe since turning 30 I have finally decided to be mature in my career (career, lulz) but maybe describing my work ethic as of late with “mother fucker” might negate all maturity I just earned. Though if you all knew I was watching South Park all day…you know what? Nevermind. Moving on.

I wish I had more to post, and also a girl who looked good I would call her...

I also haven’t been posting because my computer is terrible and I am waiting on a new one. This computer now makes posting anything a huge hassle and, for some reason, I am also not able to post comments of my own so I haven’t been able to reply to anybody for a while. And, to be honest, I really hate being on a computer when I leave work because I sit on one all day long and it gets tiresome. So yeah. My blogging has sucked lately and as one reader said, “Your blog has sucked since you turned 30,” and I could not agree more. It has and I apologize. But I am working on a lot of stuff, I just haven’t finished any of it and have had zero motivation. Also, I am working on a post right now that will be up later, so you’re welcome.

Also TWOF may or may not come today or I may just combine it together with next weeks. I have this week’s statuses and such already but there isn’t that much and I feel I need more to justify a whole post. So look for it next week. But next weeks will be a good one, I promise.

Anyhoodle, thanks for reading, if you are. And I will be back later. And also...

What? Sorry...


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