Monday, August 1, 2011

Raped by Celery*: Juicing, Days 1 & 2

Nothing to do with anything

Okay I have changed the plan slightly since the last blog. On Join the Reboot which is what we are following there is a program where you can actually eat foods and juice. So that way you can actually eat a meal, kind of and have your juice. So I am doing that. Otherwise I don’t think I would make it eleven more days.

Concerns:  Nothing concerning so far. However, Michael did express concern that if I lost weight my boobs would get smaller. I have no concerns as of yet and everything is going a-ok. Well, one small concern, kinda…

Bowel Movements: I couldn’t tell you because I haven’t gone yet. But I think my issue is that being vegetarian keeps you pretty well cleaned out when you have a fairly balanced vegetarian diet (not just all cheese and chips). I have no problems as far as that is concerned. I don’t drink milk or eat meat and I have cut down on my cheese consumption significantly. So yeah, I don’t think I had all that much to get rid of to be honest.

Mood: Surprisingly I have not wanted to kill or maim anyone yet. And no bloodshed! It’s a miracle. I have been in pretty good spirits until Sunday afternoon. So yeah. And I was a little crabby this morning but that was only because the air conditioning is out (1st world problem). Now that I am in a cool office, I am good.

Hunger: You know, it hasn’t been that bad (for me), but I have had fruit and such to help me along. And I think a lot of the hunger I have had has been mental. Surprisingly, the juice lasts you a lot longer than you think. Mine lasts much longer than an actual meal does so when you are finally finished you feel a little full, or at least I do. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want regular food…

Foods I could totes enjoy right now: Watching TV sucks. Trust me. Way too many commercials of food I would never consider eating on a normal basis (besides that peach shake at Steak-N-Shake). But everything looks so good. Sonic! OMG SONIC! I hate your delicious commercials. I haven’t eaten food that you can buy from your car (excluding Starbucks) yet this year but I could fuck up some tater tots and onion rings. I won’t but I could. The only thing I really find myself wanting is pizza, falafel and baba ganoush. And for some reason brownies and I don’t even like brownies all that much. But a really chocolately iced brownie would be gone in two seconds if it was in front of me.

Caffeine deprivation: It didn’t hit until Sunday morning with a headache that lasted all day. Headaches usually put me in a foul mood, so Sunday was not my most favorite day ever.

Energy: Saturday, I was fine. I actually felt great. Like considerably better than I usually do on regular food. All day Saturday was wonderful. Sunday afternoon, from about 3:00  on, I did not get out of bed. I was exhausted and my head was killing me by the end of the day. However, today I am doing just fine. No headache. Not anymore tired than I would be at this time.  Two thumbs up so far today.

So there you have it guys, what else do you want to know?

*According to Michael, the carrot/ kale combo juice is like getting raped in the mouth by celery. 


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