Monday, October 18, 2010

Assholeless Monday

Its Asshole Monday but, again, I have no assholes to speak of and no one has submitted anyone for me to publicly ridicule. So maybe the assholes today could be the four people reading this, maybe?

But I would really hate to insult my huge readership.

And this isn’t so much a dude being an asshole as it a dude being kinda sad:

So every day we have these people that come get our back-up tapes or something along those lines. It is a different person every day and they come, switch out the tapes and leave. It happens every day after lunch.

There is a new guy, who I would guess is around 25, who comes every Monday. I am the only person here today so I was the one to bring him in the building and walk him out. Yes, security requires that everyone that doesn’t work in this building has to be escorted in and out. It’s the CIA up in this bitch. Anyhoo, I don’t know dude’s name so I will call him Mike. He looks like a Mike.

I go and get him and he asks me, “How has your Monday been going?”* I answer that is has been going very slowly and I have so far read a book today and that is it. He asks what book. I replied it was Bad Moon Rising, sort of a Stephen King type  book. And he chuckled a little, I thought it was in judgment. And he asked “So kind of a science fiction/ horror type thing?” I replied yes, that I am kind of a geek. His response:

“We all have geek ways…I play World of Warcraft.”

Bahaahahahaha.  This was somewhat surprising to me.  Mike wasn’t pasty pale or altogether unattractive, he didn’t look like an online gamer. I laughed heartily and then admitted that I have never met anyone in real life that had ever played that game. He admitted that yes, most players don’t leave their mom’s basement. So at least he has a sense of humor about it.

But, for real, World of Warcraft? I don’t even know what it is, yet I audibly judge. So I decided to Wikipedia that shit…and its far nerdier than I ever imagined. But, I mean really, who am I to say anything about nerds or things that nerds like.

I read science fiction and zombie novels and Buffy comics. My favorite television show of all time is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have a not-so-secret wish to attend Comic-Con.  I love slasher films and I get annoyed when the body count is low.

I am not the coolest of people, but I don’t think I would play online LARPing games that you actually have to pay for. I just wouldn’t. Why not just play a video game? It’s sort of the same thing, yes?

*The worst thing about the whole tape process is the small talk. You have to walk this person from the front door, to our department and then back to the front door. It only takes a few minutes but it is a few minutes of very awkward silence. Its excruciating. I suck at small talk so usually all we ever have to say to each other is “So how is your Monday going?” or “Wow, what a nice day outside,” and we spend the rest of our walk in silence. I dread the tape time of day.

In other news, someone please kill me before I die of boredom.


Holly said...

hahaha. What the heck is LARPing? I feel like I need to open a new window to utilize Wikipedia while simultaneously reading this nerd blog. (I kid. You know I am a nerd at heart, too.)

Stacey Garrett said...

LARPing - Live Action Role Play. Hahaha

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