Friday, May 13, 2011

Keepers: I'm back! And annoyed!

My sentiments exactly

It’s Friday the 13th and it’s been two weeks since I posted a Keepers. Whoops! I have actually been a little busy. I swear I haven’t gone and gotten a life on you all, I have just had actual work to do and things to do after work which is unheard of for me. I have been saving a few of these for a couple weeks so some of this may be a little oldish but that doesn’t mean that you all have seen any of it. So shut up and click a few things. Internet traffic!

Oh and Blogger has been fucking up for a few days and now This Week on Facebook from yesterday is now gone and I don't save them so I may never see it again. Not. Happy. We may pack our shit up and move to Tumblr.


Awesome video of the week...nevermind that isn't fucking working either!

Why don’t try not taking a kitten’s cigarette away? Maybe? Give it a shot??? 

Oh America, you so crazy… 

I would say he had a bad day, yes. Bad taste? …Nah, we’re good. 

Random/ Funny/ Pervy/ Weird/ Cool/ Nerdy/ You’re welcome:

I thought this was a damn good article about trading your husband blow jobs for things you want. Kelly Oxford is pretty cool and she maks me lol quite a bit so everything she writes is usually entertaining. 

Just click it and shut up and then laugh. You will.  

I know the Royal Wedding was however long ago but that doesn’t mean I care about it, I surely do not. But I do want to commemorate it with the awesomeness of this commemorative plate.

The first few books of Harry Potter get the Comic Book Treatment. It’s pretty awesome if you are into that sort of thing, which you should be. 

If you wanted to get pissed off today there is always this.

And then if you still aren’t good and pissy after that, just you read this

Stuff I want:

For some reason measuring cups are a needed resource in my house so this is actually something I both need and want. Robot measuring cups, yes please! 

Okay, I thought this was a pretty cute way to post “house rules.” I never had any house rules growing up but if I had, I might have actually paid attention to them had they been posted. Duh. 

I need to have these. Why I don’t already own a pair of Hello Kitty glasses is a mystery to me and it seems super dumb. 

It’s a bag, why would I not want it? 

Soooo would I need to have that made or can I buy it like that? Because I need it, as does every other super cool person. 

It’s a plush interpretation of Oy from The Dark Tower series. Exciting, adorable stuff, people. 

Medieval weapon push pins needs to be in my life, I am convinced of this.   

So when I get an iPad in a few years when they are not longer expensive and I can get the first generation one for like $50, this will be my cover. Mark my words…unless a cool Hello Kitty one comes out. 

She’s Crafty:

The Dantification of Masculinity which is basically things that are supposed to be “manly” that have been crocheted by some super awesome bitches. 

Food (aka, food things I find that I want to keep track of to one day use):

Beer and donuts, you are all fucking welcome. 

Until next week or month or whatever, when I finally get back to this. This is one I actually like doing too, I find it fun to share pointless shit with you people. I am very giving.


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