Friday, June 10, 2011

What Have I Done?!? Reader feedback.

So I put out a request to the fb for blog topics and, miracle of all miracles, people actually responded. Not every idea was exactly a gem but who am I to say what is bad and what is good? No one, that is who. So here we go. Every topic that was suggested will get written about in some way. Also, feel free to keep suggesting topics. Facebook. Email. Whatever. Suggest away. I will write about every one. Every single one (yes, Daniel, every single one).

Running list of blog topics:

-         Rednecks
-         Dashboard pics on fb
-         City Government
-         Weiner Gate – his name is Weiner. Can I just stop there?
-         Extreme Couponers
-         Turd Burglars – The victimless crime
-         64-year-old teacher who got cornered by a student bigger than her and she punched him in the face
-         Monkeys
-         The fact that you said you would never watch the human centipede, but watched it anyways. Done! Or Check! You do a good thing you get a…Check!
-         Music/ Movies that don’t suck – Working on this one now. Check!
-         People that park like assholes.
-         People who can’t parallel park.
-         Why men wear their sweaters around their shoulders
-         People who drive slow in the left lane
-         People that fart elevators
-         Favorite songs in high school
-         Best characters on TV
-         Pets
-         Anal (anyone that would be offended by the perversity of that has stopped reading LONG ago)
-         Restaurant Reviews (I had actually planned on doing this all along, I just kind of forgot, but this is coming. I promise.)

But some topics don’t really require an entire blog post so maybe I will group them together somehow? Anal and Turd Burglars could go together, right? I don’t know. I will figure something out. I am just happy for feedback and, please, keep the feedback coming. I will honestly write about anything.  I am that desperate/ lacking motivation. Help a girl out.


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