Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh to be young and really stupid again...

Saturday I attended a 16-year-old’s birthday party. My good friend and former boss’ daughter Miranda turned Sweet 16. Fun was had by all but it made me feel a little old and a lot nostalgic. 

It’s pretty sad when you aren’t exactly sure how to act at a party when no one around you is drinking.  After a few minutes, Kim and I looked at each other like, “Why is no one talking or acting like an idiot???” And it dawned on us, “Ohhhhh, they are all 16. They can’t drink yet in front of adults. Makes sense.”

I can’t honestly tell you what parties were like when I was 16 as I didn’t attend that many. But I am pretty sure the ones I did attend were broken up by the Bartlett police minutes after arriving. And I am pretty sure that was protocol with all high school parties around the globe.

To me, partying when I was sixteen only consisted of a few things:

Falling asleep on Rachel’s couch after school while she ate Patio burritos and plain avocados while watching Bone Thugs N Harmony videos.

Riding around Davies Plantation in the ‘lude drinking wine coolers and listening to Foolish Games (Jewel, recognize) - I can’t really tell you why we thought it was a good idea to not only drink in a moving vehicle but to drive around a pricey subdivision and look at houses that none of us would ever live in. One night in particular, we had gone to see I Know What You Did Last Summer and then we went driving around the dark streets of Davies with our Bartles and James. We were pretty sure we were about to hit a dude with the car, stuff him in the trunk of Tish’s Prelude and then bury him in the pond at Yale Road Park.

Doing “drive bys” - What was that about? Why drive by someone’s house? What was the point? Plus I always got busted, especially if I was with Tish.

For me, that was about the extent of my 16-year-old partying.

I know my 16th Birthday consisted of a sleepover and a Minnie Mouse ice cream cake. So baller. And I am pretty sure someone’s house was rolled.

Why is it that my house always got rolled way more than other peoples? I am going to blame this on my sister.

Christy is four years older than me. She wasn’t in high school when I finally got there but I was still left with her unfortunate legacy. I say unfortunate because every female seemed to hate her (haters gonna hate) and they then took that hatred out on me. I never did anything to anyone, yet the classy girls at the BHS always wanted to beat me up. I hardly ever opened my mouth in high school, yet bitches wanted to beat me down. I still don’t get it, but I digress…

Obviously they didn’t really know Christy or myself since we are absolutely nothing alike save for our high self esteems and hair color. That is all, though. We could not be any more different. My dad would always say, “I don’t know where one of you came from,” and now I don’t either. But anyway, I had a point…

Rolling. I know kids still do this since I have seen houses in the ‘ville that have been recently rolled. It’s good to see old traditions still alive in today’s youth.  Why is low-key vandalism so fun? I would do it now but I’d probably be asleep by the time the rolling hour came to be.

I think the last time I rolled a house was in college and it was the Pike house. That shit was awesome. It was Candice’s birthday and we were all drunk off Kool-Aid and vodka. 

I really want to roll someone now…


The Mean Beene said...

Let's go rolling. Seriously. Can we go to jail nowaways for dumb shit like that?

My favorite that you didn't mention, was playing our card games at your house, drinking wine coolers, then Tracy driving us around to "honkey knock". Best times of my life.

Stacey Garrett said...

That was college though, Morg. I will do a college post with all of our dumbassery later on. And I think by that time we graduated to Jack Daniel's coolers and Beer.

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