Friday, November 12, 2010


Make it go AWAY!

To answer a question I have gotten a few times from a few people that know my love for over-the-top gory, terrible movies including but not limited to; The Final Destination 1 – 4, Wrong Turn, Cabin Fever, Zombie Strippers, Slither, Feast, Planet Terror, etc…

No, I have absolutely NO desire to see The Human Centipede. Just thinking about it gives me the willies. I can’t see a trailer, movie poster, whatever for that movie and not be completely grossed out and terrified for humankind. Not to mention befuddled at the kind of person that can even think up a movie like that. Keep that movie as far away from me as possible and never, ever mention its existence to me again. Please!

I am squirming in my seat just thinking about it.


Anonymous said...

First!!! Yay.

Stacey Garrett said...

Rolling my eyes out of my head.

Anonymous said...

Nope.... you laughed.

Peezy said...

Two things:

1. The movie is actually fairly terrible. It's got an awesomely disgusting, horrible concept, but it doesn't equal a whole movie. Most of it is really boring and lame. But there are parts (as you'd expect) that are terribly disgusting and horrible.

2. They're making a sequel. It's going to be 12 people this time, I believe.

Stacey Garrett said...

Jason - I can do both at the same time! I'm talented as all fuck.

Daniel - I honestly can't believe you have seen this movie. We are about to text about it right now.

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