Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rapid Fire Likes and Faves

Mario Kart


Cheese, all kinds. Preferably with crackers

Dry cereal

When you finally find something after you have given up looking for it

People that love dessert

People that just love food in general, i.e. non-picky eaters


No-bake fruitcake

Getting free preview weekends of movie channels

Texts, any and all with the exception of the lone text “ok”

Free samples

Free booze

Tote bags

When cake comes out of the pan easily

Milka chocolate

People watching

Slumber parties (girls, lets have another one. Pronto)

Pronto pups (when I ate meat)

Harry Potter

When I find my chapstick in bag on the first attempt

When your iPod is on shuffle and it is rocking the shit. Some days, shuffle has a lot of skips on songs you don’t want to hear but on that rare occasion every song is a good one.

Zooey Deschanel

Buffy and the people that love her

Chips and Ranch

Fake chicken nuggets

Annihilating everyone I know with anything having to do with trivia

Spraying my keyboard with that aerosol canned air stuff and watching all the gross crumbs fly out

When my ears pop

Knee socks

Chuck Taylors

Google reader



Facebook/ blog comments, nothing better. So, you know, leave some.


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Stacey Garrett said...

Seriously, Daniel. I have never met a bitchier more high mainteance person than you. On my next list of likes it will be "When people don't get pissy when you forget them on a pointless blog."

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