Monday, November 22, 2010

Rapid Fire Likes/ Faves - Ask and you recieve around here

Per your request, Mr. Dav:

A thank-you wave, can’t get enough of them.

People that refuse to cut in line, ex: When you aren’t exactly sure who is there first and the other person says something along the lines of “You were here first, go ahead.” Love it.

People that put their cart up when they are finished shopping.

People that hold the door when they don’t have to.


Cute Babies



Cold weather


T-shirts, preferably tight

The City of Memphis, represent.

Visiting Morgan in New York

Going to shows/ movies with Tish

Drunk Carol

Delirious Rachel

Candice in general

Tiffany wearing Ed Hardy without irony

Living with Tracy, hands down, best roommate on the planet. I would live with her again, any day.



Tattoos, I don’t have near enough and no I am not exaggerating.

Purple hair, it will make its comeback, I assure you. Yes, I may be way too old to have colored hair, but wow I don’t care.

Books. Books of all kinds. I love a book and I love book stores. Yes, I am against the whole Kindle fad. I am sure I am old and not wanting things to change, but I like books and bookstores too much to give up on books. And does no one realize that Kindle is basically, subliminally, telling everyone to burn their books. Book Burnin’ is wrong!

Nails. My nails suck and I can’t grow any to save my life. And since I have never been able to grow nails, it has made me covet having nice nails. Not like porno nails, but longer so that my hands don’t look so Flintstone-ish.

Making toddlers laugh, funnest thing ever! And I have been to Disneyworld TWICE!

School supplies

Red Wine

Homemade Sangria, it is 4,000 times better when you drink it with a bunch of bitches.


Shopping, love to do it, I would do it more if finances permitted


When clothes fit

When I wake up thinking it’s Monday when it is really Sunday


When Garrett tells his friends that I am his sister

When Whitman stops me to ask for a hug

When they both say “Awesome.”


Making things out of yarn

My phone

Television, all kinds

Horror Movies, the dumber the better. The higher the body count, the higher my satisfaction. This does NOT include torture porn.

Movies in general

TV on DVD, you haven’t lived until you have stayed in your home all day watching the entire first season of The OC. You just haven’t.

Drinking on a patio


Drinking with people

The zoo

PBR, haters step aside

Making lists on my blog

So there you go, those are some of my likes/ favorite things on the planet.


Peezy said...

Morgan, Tish, Carol, Rachel, Candice, Tiffany, Tracy, Whitman, and Garret all get shout outs. Awesome. Just fangoddamntastic.

Stacey Garrett said...

Geez! I have two more days to of posting, cockstain! Who is to say you aren't a feature on one of those? So needy...

Peezy said...


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