Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Read a Book = Get Laid (Scientific Fact)

I'm pretty sure Lavar Burton crushed major ass back in the day

With the new year (I know I am about 2 months early on this, but stick with me, I am going somewhere with this) comes a whole new set of new shit. It’s no surprise that 2010 sucked giant sweaty zombie balls for me. It surely did and I am happy to see it go and welcome the new year with open arms. Will 2011 be just as suck ass? Who the hell knows, that is why it is a NEW year. Duhz!

Anyhoo, everyone go here.

Thank you.

Pajiba is one of my favoritest websites of all time. I have been an avid Pajiba fan since I found it back in 2007ish.

A few years ago they started Cannonball Read. You can see the list of rules and why this whole thing was started here.

Initially they did 100 books in a year and it has since been knocked down to a more manageable 52. That is one book a week. I think I can do it. I am pretty sure I can do it. Can I do it?

I tried to do it the first time around with the 100 books. I did pretty well and I think I stopped at 12 books in about 6 weeks. I cannot remember why I didn’t finish but that doesn’t matter now. What matters is…I’m going to tackle this bitch just to prove to myself that I can do it.

It’s a totally cool way of getting like-minded smart reading people reading books. It’s the Catalina Wine Mixer of reading, really. It is THAT cool.  I have always been a huge book nerd and I am pretty sure I have 52 books sitting on a shelf right now that haven’t been read so I should be all set.  Are you???

If anyone out there with free time who loves to read would like to join in, I say “come, go.” We can do this together. We are all in this together (you just got High School Musicaled).

Why am I posting this on my blog you ask? You read a book a week (if you are doing the full cannonball which is what I am attempting) and you review that book on your blog. If you are lucky and your review doesn’t totally suck, it will then be posted on Pajiba. You see? It has been my lifelong dream (since 2007) to be a blogger on Pajiba. Yes, my dreams are small. So I will be posting my reviews of the books I choose to read on this here blog for all to read and enjoy and maybe for one of you non-illteriate assholes to go out and read the same book. Or any book, really. Just read. It’s all I am demanding asking.

I am also taking recommendations. Woohoo! So you can leave them here in the comments section, email them to me or leave them on my Facebook. I will take any recommendations WITHIN REASON. As in, I am not reading War and Peace. I am sure it is a real page-turner and all that but let’s keep it to a manageable number of pages, people.

It is a scientific fact (it’s probably not but it might be) that reading makes you smarter. Being smart makes you instantly more likeable to members of the opposite (or same) sex. Being more likeable and smart gives you a far, far better chance of getting some form of action in the boudoir (or backseat or airport restroom or wherever). So, in turn, reading gets you laid. It’s true because I just said it. So read a book for the betterment of your junk. I find dudes who read attractive, I’m just saying.
I know I am posting this way early but I feel I should give everyone some time to think about it. You have less than two months to get your shit together if you choose to. If you do, I will be more than happy to post your reviews on here or at least let everyone know what you are reading and whether or not you liked it. This also gives you time to sike yourself up for this awesomesauce challenge. Do it. You know you want to.

You SO want to.


Peezy said...

You heard it here FIRST! folks: read a book and Stacey will fuck you.

Stacey Garrett said...

That's not exactly what I said...

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