Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 is My New Boyfriend

Wow am I in a good mood now that 2010 is now officially over. Suckas! 2011, I have been looking forward to you for a while now and I am going to make the most of you, dammit!

My New Years Eve was pretty good with happy good feelings all around. It was a pretty good start to a year that is going to be BETTER! I won’t say great because who knows what will happen but it will be better. It started better and it will be better. Better is the word of the day. Am I right? 

And today I got hired on full time so I am no longer a temp. I have been a temp since July and they have to wait until your contract and all that runs out so the temp agency no longer owns you and you can go on about your free-will job wise so now that that has finally run its course, I am a full-time, real-life employee at a job that I don’t hate and a company that doesn’t suck. Go. Me.  

You are probably wondering where Asshole Monday is. No Assholes today. I am in a good mood and I find that it is hard to bitch and complain about shitty people when you’re in a good mood, you know? And who knows how long this good mood is going to last. A day? Two? We shall see…


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