Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some Zach Morris-like Shenanigans are Afoot

And now for the blog everyone has been waiting for. Blogtroversy: 2011

I got an email and text yesterday from Daniel telling me to check my email, his blog has been ripped off. The horror! And excitment!

Remember the Community is Saved by the Bell blog Daniel did last week? Well someone has found it and tried to pass it off as their own. Or that was our initial reaction.

The official statement of the writers and editor of Inconsequential Garbage is no comment.

No, I’m just fucking with you. You think I wouldn’t comment? Please! Something semi-exciting and scandalous happened on my stupid blog, OF COURSE I’m going to comment on it.

I nor Daniel can say that it was stolen and dumbed down quite a bit to make it look different. It could be a large coincidence, kind of like wearing the same shirt the same day as someone else if a shirt was copy and pasteable. The similarities are there so I can’t exactly say, "Yeah, what a coincidence." But I have no clue if this person stole it. I have no way of knowing.

If it was stolen he probably figured that no one would ever see it here on this blog and, let’s all be honest here, he was right. However, he’s not just an unoriginal dude but he’s also kinda dumb. No one saw it here but Daniel saw it there. It has been seen.

See for yourself on Splitsider And on Buzzfeed

Daniel’s post was not only much better and more in depth but it was also posted a few days before this sub-par one. Come on now...

Of course it may have been something that this dude dreamed up the first episode of Community and he poured over it for over a year spending all of his free time perfecting and fine-tuning it, it’s not like he has a girlfriend (or boyfriend).

Again, not saying it was stolen. But are either Daniel or myself going to be mature about it and ignore it? Not at all. That just isn’t our style.

Daniel’s Official Statement:

Honestly, I'm not pissed. It's coincidental as hell, for sure, but to assume the guy stole my blog is a bit silly. For one, his was short, poorly written, and nowhere near as in-depth as mine. Why would you steal something good, make it suck, and then claim it as your own?

So no, I don't think it was stolen. I just think someone else came to the same conclusions I did at nearly the same time and wrote it in a similar list-like fashion. Hey, stranger shit has happened. Have you seen a platypus*?

I was butthurt that his short, crappy version got a bunch of attention and links on bigger name websites (Splitsider & Buzzfeed 
while I was typing this up it has since been posted on Reddit). But it's cool yo, shit happens. Stick around, I'll continue to be funny in other ways.
If I get hate mail from this I am totally going to do a back flip. Well I am going to learn how to do a back flip and then I will do one.

*The platypus really takes a beating on this blog.


Snoballz said...

Splitsider is now linking to your blog and another vid that was made months before that. Hrmmm.

Stacey Garrett said...

You are going to have to talk to Daniel about that. But I am pretty sure his was original.

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