Thursday, January 20, 2011

Community vs. Saved by the Bell - A think piece by Daniel Price

I am working on a blog that basically tells everyone to quit dicking around watch Community already, but this one is just as good if not better.

Daniel, a staple to both the comments and the content of this  blog  has put together a very detailed, mind exploding comparison to Community and, a longtime favorite of everyone I have ever known, Saved by the Bell. Here you go, enjoy (and comment!):

My new current favorite show (it varies often) is Community.  At the insistence of many people and rave reviews, I finally downloaded this show and absolutely love it.  It's just brilliant comedy. (Editors note: I have been telling Daniel to quit dicking around and watch Community already and he did and he LOVES it. What more do you people need?)

However, whilst watching it last night, I had an epiphany: Community is Saved By The Bell for grown-ups.

Hear me out.

Saved By The Bell - Bayside High School
Community - Greendale Community College, which is just high school with designated smoking areas.


Zack Morris vs. Jeff Winger
- Both are the protagonists of the show
- Both are the good looking, popular leaders of their respective groups
- Both have hearts of gold and in the end, always do the right thing for their friends and/or school
- Both are clearly in love with and will eventually end up with the Kelly/Britta character
- Both have seemingly unlimited pull with the principal/dean
- Both are essentially preppy rich kids
- Both are always up to some new scheme or plan that often backfires in their faces, often resulting in lessons being learned

Kelly Kapowski vs. Britta Perry
- Both are obsessive about always being honest
- Both are straight-laced and hesitant to get involved in hijinks before being talked into them by Zack/Jeff
- Both are the eventual main female love interest of Zack/Jeff but both initially reject him during the first seasons

....I don't really have much else for this comparison.  Realistically, Britta is more like Tori Scott, the tough-girl that showed up to Bayside during senior year on Saved By The Bell.  She also developed a relationship with Zack, wore leather jackets, and gave off a vague lesbian-vibe, etc.)

(Editors note: Britta is more like Jesse Spano, to me at least, with the proactive hippie vibe)

Screech Powers vs. Abed Nadir
- Both are the resident nerds of their group
- Both are skinny and weird looking
- Both have no brain filter and say ridiculous shit without any forethought

Running low on comparisons here too...fuck you, go compare if Charlie's Angels and Charmed if you think you can do this job better.

Jessie Spano vs. Annie Edison
- Both are the straight-laced goody-two-shoes members of the group
- Both are straight-A students who are very serious about grades and studying
- Both are dating/secretly-in-love with the jock on the show (Slater/Troy)
- Debate team, school paper, lots of school spirit, etc. for both of them
- Both had brief romantic moments (kisses, etc.) with the Zack/Jeff character of the show
- Both have had the same kind of drug problems (Jessie with over-the-counter speed pills, Annie with Adderall)

(Editors note: “I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so….confused!!!” *breaks down into messy speed-freak sobs)

Lisa Turtle vs. Shirley Bennett
- Both are black women (let's just get that one out of the way first)
- Both are quick to catch an attitude and get sassy
- Both are gossipy bitches that can't keep a secret
- Both continuously turn down unwanted advances from a member of the group (Screech for Lisa, Pierce for Shirley)

A.C. Slater vs. Troy Barnes
- Both are the jocks of the group (both are star quarterbacks, Slater also does wrestling)
- Both end up taking dance lessons, are embarrassed people might find out, and then reveal it in the end, dancing in tights in front of everyone
- Both get cocky and piss off all their friends when they get a big head from being a sports star, both eventually realize the error in their ways

Pierce Hawthorne vs. Mr. Belding
- Both are old men trying to be cool and fit in with the younger crowd, often failing
- Both try overly hard to be friends with Zack/Jeff
- Both are ridiculed by the younger group, but when shit gets real, the kids have the old men's backs.

- Both groups routinely break into the principal/Dean's office
- Jeff dates his statistics teacher, named Professor Slater.  That's just a mean gay joke at Zack's expense.
- They both have a gathering place where they sit in the same spots every time (The Max/library study room)

The list just goes on and on.  And realize, I've only seen half of the first season of Community.  I'm sure I'll keep picking up on other things.  But no doubt, this is the adult, way funnier modern version of Saved By The Bell.  Watch it so it doesn't get cancelled!

Update: we are nothing if not attention whorey and all around scandolous up in this bitch so go here. Thanks!


Snoballz said...

You put way too much thought into television series. Here's my comparison:
Kelly > Britta
Annie > Jessie

D.P. said...

Here's the main thought I put into it everytime: OMG I WANT TO FUCK ANNIE.

D.P. said...

I would like to add that both built robots. Screech had his robot Kevin and Abed (with Troy) built the Boob-A-Tron 4000.

Dennis said...

so would chang be jesse spanos step brother eric? he was a douche (he had tickets to an mc hammer concert) and he tried to bang out lisa (like chang did to shirley).

Stacey Garrett said...

Um, yeah he would! That is one impressive observation. I had completely forgotten about Eric. What an asshole that guy was! He sucked at life.

Dennis said...

Eric did suck at life even when i was a little kid i would tell myself "damn this guy needs to get hit with a pillow case filled with canned hams". Professor Slater would be Stacey Carosi. Betty White would be Ms. Bliss

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