Friday, January 28, 2011

Keepers: Glee can suck it edition

It’s Friday, bitches! It has been a long, sickly week for me and I am glad to see it end. And how the frick is next week February already? It seems like NYE was last week. Time flies when you’re…I haven’t been doing anything so I can’t really equate that to anything but I will try.

Time flies when you’re watching the entire series of Weeds on DVD? Time flies when you’re detangling yarn? Time flies when you’re watching endless reruns of Tosh.o?

Anyway, your really cool links for the day:

Afternoon eye candy, indeed. Oh Lee Pace, where are you? I really miss Pushing Daises…

I don’t know why but this made me laugh, like, a lot. 

You can pretty much come to expect at least one crochet post on Keepers every week, it is what I do. Also I like to give some love to fellow crocheters and knitters and further convince everyone that yarn is cool dammit! And how adorable are these

It is no secret that I  have grown to hate the show Glee and everyone that has anything to do with it (except Jane Lynch) with a fiery passion so this made me smile, smile, smile, Fuck! Yeah! Kings of Leon. You tell em

I am pretty sure this is why you’re fat and diabetic and kinda gross. 

I need this immediately. 

When you would like to know more about vegetarianism, let me know because, ew


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