Wednesday, January 5, 2011

D.P.'s CBRIII Review #1 - How To Disappear Completely by David Bowick

Books about heartbreak and new love from the male perspective aren't really common.  Probably because most guys don't really want to read about it.  We picture The Notebook and immediately clam up. Admittedly, if I had known, I likely would have taken a pass.  But in the end, pretty glad I didn't.  It was a short read, funny at times, but having been through heartbreak before myself (who hasn't, "waaaaah!"), I found it really relatable.

But the truth is about break-ups--especially those involving one or both parties cheating--is that they generally aren't as clean and neat as this one.  People never take it as well as those in this book.  Or maybe that's just me; I would have been way more pissed than our main character.  But the characters are as realistic as people I know in real life and the feelings that come along with ending a relationship.

Also, the book was pretty funny at times, in a dark humor sort of way.  Most of us have worked in the food business at some point, and who among us didn't want to throw a cup of coffee in some mouthy cunt's face once or twice?  Only to get fired for it and end up applying for a job at the cock-cake shop (long story) where she's the manager.  I wasn't much on the repeated instances of punching/kicking/tazing the dog, but I suppose if I was repeatedly attacked by the same asshole rottweiler, I'd probably go Brock Lesnar on the son of a bitch too.

I would have liked to have seen some of the minor plots given an actual ending (crazy stalker ex-boyfriend and the aforementioned cock-cake shop storyline) but overall, I enjoyed it.  Quick, light read.  Recommended.


David Bowick said...

I think this might just be my favorite review so far.

Peezy said...

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Stacey Garrett said...

Great, now he will never shut up.

Peezy said...

Teehee. I'm already a more successful book reviewer than you. This was a great idea.

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