Sunday, January 30, 2011

My're welcome.

So yeah, I finished this this weekend and that was pretty much it. You can't really tell because I have the still amazing and adeqaute second generation version of the iPhone. Looking at these pictures again, I am like "Geez I need the new iPhone." So dark. So grainy.

It's a dark eggplanty-like purple hooded scarf. It's being modeled by an overly eager Whitman who LOVES to have his picture taken. He makes for an excellent model. And he's cheap. He just asks to see the pictures when they are done. He is his mother's son. He loves an action photo and it is really hard to convince him to stay still. But he's a trooper nonetheless.

Anyway, the scarf. I think I started it Monday and I just finished it this morning (I got up at 9:30 today. Did you know that Mornings have all kinds of things like food, tv, almost everything. It's pretty good.) I am about to attempt, drumroll please...

Sewing. Yes because crocheting isn't weird enough, I am going to sew. I took Home Ec in 9th grade so I have had a small brief experience with sewing 14 years ago so I have no fear that I should be able to figure it out eventually. And I have no doubt that there is a youtube video out there somewhere that teaches you how to sew.

Stella has been here since Friday, so I have had her to deal with. She's love The O.C. pillow as does everyone else.

And I actually cleaned my room this weekend. Mom totally told me that I could have margaritas if I cleaned my room so I had to give in.

I feel I need to break my sixteen-year-old's Stacey's dream room with a slumber party or something. To make it feel more authentic. The only thing it is missing, really is a bigger closet.

Alrighty, I am off to take a gander at a sewing machine. Wish me luck. Sweet, nerdy luck.


D.P. said...

That blog money is gonna start rolling in any day now with updates like these!

Brady Turner said...

i want one of those scarfs for my lady

Stacey Garrett said...

Daniel - shut it. Brady - email me. and we can iron out some detailes if you really want one. I will also take better pictures of it eventually today.

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