Monday, December 20, 2010

Asshole Monday: Only Slightly Annoyed

What's wrong with toddlers being stupid?

No assholes today. I find myself in a good mood with a smile upon my face with nothing assholish to speak of, plus you know it’s Christmas and all that shit so everyone should be in a good mood, I guess. Who knows? I am avoiding Christmas this year.

However next week’s Asshole Monday will be about New Year’s Eve. Yes, holidays can totally be assholes. Anything can be an asshole, really. Because I said so.

But one thing that does annoy me:

Those Your Baby Can Read commercials. The one I hear all the time on the radio is telling ladies that whenever they go to a baby shower, instead of giving the new mother things she needs like diapers, and onesies, and bottles, and ear plugs, they tell them to give “Your Baby Can Read.” Um, no. (I would link to that website, but I refuse)

I am not exactly sure what my reaction would be if I got this as a gift. For one, I think it is kind of on the crazy side to try and teach a baby to read. Like before they can really talk, they are supposed to be able to read??? Does anyone else find this creepy? I find it a little creepy. And it has a hint of supercrazystagemom to it as well. You just know the parents that try and teach their infant to read are slapping some stage make-up, false teeth and a ball gown on that kid as soon as it can walk and parade it in front of judges. So fucked up.


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