Tuesday, December 14, 2010

That doesn’t mean whatever you think it means…

We aren't quite there yet...

My sister has had a long and storied past of saying boneheaded, not quite right things. Like the time when I was in second grade and I was doing homework on what the best invention ever was (the internet, thank you Al Gore) and she told me the best invention ever was when Christopher Columbus discovered electricity. Yes I typed that correctly.

And even if she had been correct on who discovered electricity, it still wasn’t an invention. And Christopher Columbus didn’t actually invent anything nor did he discover anything new.

So last night she had to go to a work meeting and Whitman wanted to go with her. Christy works for the Memphis chapter of MDA and last night was an event for ALS which is Lou Gehrigs Disease which affects older people.  Whitman couldn’t go, obviously, as Christy would be working but he still asked. Ron, jokingly, said “Take him with you, I am sure he would have fun.” And Christy said…

“Ron! This is ALS. There are people there that have been decapitated.”

Ron looked at me and we both kind of stood there like “Uhhhh….” I then explained to Christy that decapitated means that they have no head. And she said “Well, nearly decapitated…”

Again, no. Unless you have Nearly Headless Nick floating around Gryffindor, no one there is nearly headless. Even if you are nearly headless, no one would know because you would probably just be dead. Unless your head is floating around a glass head jar a la Futurama, no one you are going to see at any event is going to be decapitated.  We just don’t have that technology yet.

I am pretty sure she meant “completely incapacitated” but that didn’t make it any less funny.  Or her sound any less retarded. Love you, sis!

In other news, I think I am getting better with my pop culture references!


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