Monday, December 20, 2010

Greeting Cards: You know how I do!

Alright, as I have mentioned before, I am not doing Christmas this year. At all. I am against all of it. It’s been a shitty year and I am just done with it. I have higher hopes for 2011 and I would like for it to hurry up and get here already. Maybe I am wishing my life away, but I care not. I want 2010 to go away now, kthanksbye.

Also, I am against Christmas because I was unemployed for a year and I am still pretty much broke from that. So no Christmas presents from me which sucks but I love giving gifts. I am the type of girl that cannot wait until Christmas to give someone something.

I also HATE greeting cards. Anyone that knows me knows that they will not receive a greeting card from me, ever. I think they’re insincere and fake and icky. Especially if it is a sentimental card. Bleck! No card company is going to be able to express to whomever you are giving that card to the way you feel or what you want to say this person. Ever.

I understand some people who aren’t as vocal or as open as me, need cards and it may work for them, for me, it doesn’t.

So this year since I am poor and ornery, this Christmas everyone is getting a card that I will post on this here blog. Yes, you heard me correctly. People that I normally get gifts for, get a blog card. You’re welcome. I will indicate as such in the subject line so everyone that has absolutely no want to read what I write to my parents, sister, nephews, etc, that is fine. You can skip reading and go on about your day. I understand your want to avoid this. Play on, player.

Most of you know me as a cynical asshole who hates a lot of different things, but this is actually not me. Well, not me completely. I am actually very thoughtful and giving and considerate when I want to be to the people I care about. So go ahead and ready yourself to see this side of me, if you haven’t seen it before. If not, I am sure I will post something full of hate and vitriol that you can chuckle at in no time.

Peace out bitches, and Happy Fucking Holidays!


Kelly said...

So, where should I send your Christmas Card from us??? hahaha! I completely agree...I'm so ready for 2011!

Stacey Garrett said...

Ha ha ha, Kelly! If it has a picture of that dog on it, I will take it. She is SO CUTE!

Seriously, 2011, where are you?!

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