Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Dumbassery

Why I need to start spinning my own yarn

Welcome to a new segment: Random Dumbassery.

Basically I have things throughout the day that that I can write about that don’t equal a full blog post. Just little tangents that pop into the ol’ mind grapes from time to time. So from now on, I will keep a running list and post them all together. You are all so, so welcome. No, you can stop thanking me now. Seriously, I am happy to do it.

One more thing about Christmas that I hate: when grown-ass people pose with Santa. It is NOT cute. At all. If you are old enough to know that Santa doesn’t exist and he’s really just a dude in a costume that has more than likely been pissed on by numerous children, it’s time to stop taking pictures with him.  I know you think it is super cute and funny but it is really annoying and dumb to everyone around you. And you just know the four-year-old behind you in line is thinking to himself “Wow, those are some sad adults…”

Microwaves are handy: Due to the Great Prewitt Home Remodel 2010, we have been without a microwave for what feels like forever. You don’t realize how much you actually use a microwave until you don’t have one. Making a frozen vegan burrito in a toaster oven sucks, FYI (yes, I eat frozen burritos, sue me!). I also never realized how much butter we melt on a weekly basis. Every few days there is a stick of butter sitting on the counter. Butter. All day. Usually we would use the microwave to melt butter for our obsessive baking needs but without one, your choices are limited, really.  And the boys have really missed their popcorn.

Cooking = Homey: not as in Homey don’t play that, homey as in it feels like home. We have been in the new house since late August and it really didn’t feel like home until I start cooking in it which hasn’t been the easiest to do since the aforementioned remodel started. I have been venturing out with my vegetarian cooking and it’s worked out well.  I have said it before and I will say it again, I have no fucking clue how picky vegetarians don’t starve and die. Also, fake chicken nuggets are delicious. I know you are all doubting me and fuck you. I would fill everyone in on my vegetarian cooking exploits but you filthy meat eaters don’t care.

Facebook Gripe: For fucksakes hunters, STOP posting your latest kill on your news feed. I have had to hide or delete all of you heartless bastards (great band, the Heartless Bastards) because of it. It is gross and awful and I personally do not give a fuck that you took your unnecessary gun and killed an innocent animal that was going about its daily routine of awesomeness when it was killed for being an animal. I don’t love the “sport” of hunting but I know that its not going anywhere but do I really have to see it? Do you think the world wants to see dead animals? We don’t. Trust me.


The Mean Beene said...

I haven't had a microwave for almost 2 years and it's awesome. Microwaves are the devil.

Stacey Garrett said...

Shut your mouth.

Holly said...

I would read your vegetarian venture posts. I am not a vegetarian, but I understand why it is appealing to some people. I read Skinny Bitch the other day while I was wasting some time waiting in a bookstore and I was appalled and disgusted and it made me want to be a vegan (obviously not enough to actually do it as I just had turkey for lunch).

The Mean Beene said...

Skinny Bitch is partly true and I really hate them (the writers)-but Holly it made me realize it's where the meat comes from (and how it's raised) that's more important not just the fact that you eat it. Also try raw milk cheeses-super good and easier to digest as they aren't processed. Same goes for milk-for the coffee I'm buying grass fed cow's milk that unhomogonized.
I live by the motto: What Would France Do?
They drink
They eat (a lot)
They smoke (well, I guess we stop here)

However, they eat seasonal, locally grown, no snacks, and very very few processed foods.
Their meat also is raised by much different standards than over here in the land of bigger is better.

Stacey Garrett said...

yes, everything that Morgan is saying is good stuff and part of the reason I have stopped eating meat. I have to get myself off snacks though.

Holly said...

Agreed. This new eating thing I have been doing has totally opened my eyes to a lot of things, most importantly, the sh*t that we put in our bodies on the reg (and by we, I mean Americans). It's really sad, actually, and for a lot of people, there is no affordable alternative. It is expensive as hell to eat healthy foods that are locally grown and raised and that don't come from disgusting slaughterhouses or chemical factories. We should start a food revolution. I hope these things change eventually.

The Mean Beene said...

The point is that when you eat whole, organically, and seasonal, you should be eating less to stay full rather than eating 6588 cheeseburgers from McDonald's because those suckers aren't filling whatsoever.

Blame it on the FDA-the one thing America needs is a PRIVATE FDA that is not allowed to take money from the Beef Industry/lobbists to persuade them to let factories stay open when the meat is contaminated. GROSS.

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