Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Resolutions: Be Mediocre

Yes, I WILL learn how to make this

Okay, I hesitated in doing a New Year’s resolutions post because, New Year’s resolutions are stupid. I have yet to make one that I have stuck to, I don’t think. I honestly can’t remember one that I have ever made, really. So that tells you how much stock I hold in resolutions.

But I’m suffering from lack of blog ideas today so fuck it, here we go. And these aren’t so much resolutions are they are aspirations:

Get at least one haircut. I went the entirety of 2010 without getting a haircut (with the exception of the trim my sister gave it a few months ago). I need a friggin haircut, I am going to get me one of those.

Make something from this book, this book and this book. I have pattern books all over the place that I have yet to make anything from and plus…

Master the art of Amigurumi. I’ve never made one. I need to attempt that.  I don’t have to be great at it, just attempt it.

I would also like to learn how to knit and sew. I already have a sewing machine (technically its Christy’s sewing machine but she will never use it) and I have everything you need to learn how to knit, I just have yet to figure it out. And I learned how to sew in high school so I don’t think sewing will be that hard. I really want to be the nerd that makes her own clothes, true story. At least I don’t make jewelry! (I kinda want to make jewelry…)

Watch Firefly. I have had it on DVD for years, I have never finished it. Every time I start it, I like it I just don’t finish it for some reason or another so I am going to finish it this time. And why wouldn’t I want to watch a show with both Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin? That’s the real question, here.

Cook more. I would also like to learn how to make everything from scratch. I do that a good bit as it is anyway, but like tofu and such. Anything that can be made at home, I want to make it at home.

Continue to breathe in and out.

Walk erect.

There you go. I tried to keep them simple so maybe I can look back next December 28th and be all “Hey, I did most of those, go me!”


Peezy said...

Heh. "Erect."

Snoballz said...

After you watch Firefly Episode 12: "The Message" and learn to knit, please knit me a copy of Jayne's hat.

Stacey Garrett said...

Chris, buddy, I already did one of those a few weeks ago. I can do that. I did a crochet version but it turned out pretty well.

Jeff Davis said...

How dare you make Jane hat's for other men!!!

Jeff Davis said...

Here is her handy work Chris

Dusty Nelson said...

Make your own clothes?

Congrats on being a fucking hippy in 2011!

Stacey Garrett said...

Dusty, my goal in life is to live on a hippie commune and live off my own fruits and vegetables and compost everything and sell handmade wares to conservative assholes like yourself. Ha ha.

As long as this commune has cable and electricity.

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