Wednesday, February 16, 2011

D.P.'s CBRIII Review #7 - 'Zombie Spaceship Wasteland' by Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt is one of the funniest comedians working today. He's in that elite respected group that is only occupied by people like Louis C.K. and Dave Attell (David Cross used to be there, but he sold his soul for Chipmunks movies and his "comedy" stopped being funny about 2 albums ago).

So one might assume that a book by Patton Oswalt would be hilarious. And at times, it's pretty funny, but honestly? It's more heartfelt than anything. I expected a throwaway comedian's book of jokes. Instead I got a book written by an extremely talented writer that has a way with words that most "real" authors (as opposed to comedians) should envy.

There are chapters in the book that are meant to be just funny, but honestly, those didn't do it for me. Zombie Spaceship Wasteland is at it's best when Patton is waxing autobiographical. The early career story of working in Canada for a shady promoter or working at a movie theater, stealing ninja stars from his supervisor...these are the kinds of stories that carry the book and they don't aim for the funny bone. They aim for the heart (goddamn, I should write professional reviews. That was an AWESOME line right there. Holy shit, go back and read that. I mean, really, just fuck!).

The book is short. I knocked it out in 2 days and loved it. Highly recommended, and when you're done reading the book, if you're unfamiliar, go grab/download/YouTube some of Patton's stand-up. The man is a comedic genius.

Seriously though..."they don't aim for the funny bone. They aim for the heart." Sweet fuck baby Jesus....


Stacey Garrett said...

Do you know what else Patton Oswalt, Louis C.K. and Dave Atell have in common besides being a little overweight? I would actively do each of them seperately.

Stacey Garrett said...

...I really hate it that your reviews are so much better than mine.

Slevin said...

If you're a fan of Patton, I recommend Big Fan. He is scary good in that.

pyrajane said...

"They don't aim for the funny bone. They aim for the heart."

This sentence has been haunting me since I read it on Wednesday night.

By "haunting me" I mean that I was almost asleep last night and I thought of it and laughed myself awake.

So...thank you?

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