Friday, February 11, 2011

Keepers: Online Flirting Edition

Since I had a somewhat shortened week thanks to snow and all its un-holiness so my links are lacking. But I tried. Does anyone even read this anyway? It is only for my benefit? Probably. I don’t care. This whole damn blog is for my benefit.

I won’t say that a good bit of my relationships started, including my ex-husband, because I wooed them with my emailing skills and my witty online banter. I won’t say that because not a good bit of them, ALL of them have started this way. So how would people get laid if the internet disappeared? I know not. 

We all know how much I love people that use correct grammar and we all know how much I like to correct people’s grammar. Well, here you go.  Consider yourself welcome. 

I would totally take this for Valentine’s Day. Beats a box of candy any day.

In other Valentine’s Day news, let’s all take part in the happy couple stoning, shall we? 

And I might actually be a little bummed about my first Valentine’s Day alone if 1. I cared about it 2. These dudes actually existed. 

I posted this on Facebook last week but it bears repeating. I am now on a mission to find this pattern. I think I can dupe it but not sure. 

Anyhoo, guys, that’s it. I am sorry to waste your time (I’m not).


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