Friday, February 18, 2011

Keepers: I'm kinda sorta famous edition

Yes, Fridays ARE awesome

And here we are again, Friday. This week went by quickly, no? Anyhoo, here is your best in linkage (to me at least) for this week:

Here is one of my favorite blogs. She doesn’t post that often but if you have a few hours to kill and you want to laugh a lot while sitting at your desk, go read her archives. She is adorable and so funny! 

Hey that’s me! Pajiba posted my book review yesterday. I was monumentally excited, more so than I ever should have been. 

See? People LOVED Veronica Mars. Not just me. It was a great show and I miss it dearly… 

I like for my world leaders to have foul mouth, I just do. It humanizes them and makes me feel better about my verbal vulgarity. This is also where I got the term “maternal copulator.” 

So your girlfriend/ boyfriend likes Dexter that much? Maybe next year Valentine's Day next year? 

I feel as though I should probably learn how to do this

I need these, that is all there is to it.  Seriously, how cute?!

I know you all hate it when I talk all crafty, but it’s made of jelly beans. JELLY BEANS!  

Everyone have a fabulous weekend, toodles my lovelies!


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