Friday, February 4, 2011

Keepers: Girl Scout Cookie Edition

Hi Guys! It’s like Friday, and shit. Again! It’s insane. It’s almost like it happens ever week.

Let me go ahead and drop some credit where credit is due. My Keepers column-type-thingy is loosely based on Pajiba Love that they do every day over there however, mine is less smart and will never be as good. A good bit of my links come from there. So if you would like a round-up of cool links every day, I highly recommend checking it out. 

In case anyone missed by Facebook post last week, everyone needs to watch this and be happy. If you don’t smile at this or at least snicker at something completely, awesomely adorable, we can’t be friends. 

This is what American gluttony is coming to. You will soon all be eating manufactured meat. Convert now. 

I bet to differ. Everything needs a sweater. 

Yay bad tattoos…someone has to get them. 

If you like tattoos and you like for your Google Reader to have lots of fun pictures to look at instead of all that reading, go here. You WILL thank me later. And some of em are pretty frickin cool. 

Worst movie of all time? Yeah, that sounds about right. Worst book of all time? Almost. 

Superhero aprons? Absolutely. Why not?   I wouldn't buy one but with my newfound sewing skills and sewing machine, I would totes make one.

Timberlake love. Always. All day. Every day. 

Wednesday was Joseph Gordon Levitt Day in case you didn’t know, and you should have because not only is that dude awesome, but Pajiba is awesome as well for honoring him. 

Daniel made it to the big show, you guys! I am so proud of him. And a lot jealous. 

And possibly the most important thing that I will post ever, in my lifetime:

Whaaatt? Making Girl Scout Cookies at home??? I am all over it. Blog coming soon.  No seriously, I am going to make these bastards and blog about it.


D.P. said...

Way to not post a link to my Pajiba review.

Stacey Garrett said...

I did, fuckface. Did you not click on it?

Stacey Garrett said...

You see that blue part, IT Guy? You click on it, dummy.

D.P. said...

Oh shit. Oops.

Jason said...

So does the tattoo "I Heart Hookers" rank in the bad column?

Stacey Garrett said...

Nah, Jason. You are good.

Snoballz said...

Congrats to DP for the published review.

"shared blog" hehehehe

Stacey Garrett said...

Well, it's sort of shared. He posts from time to time. He could post every day if he wanted to.

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