Monday, February 28, 2011

Intervening. On myself.

Writing a blog is hard, you guys. I mean not hard like “I perform brain surgery,” or “I build houses for the homeless,” or “I’m a porn star.” But hard as in, I have no clue of what I am doing or where I am going with this or whatever. I try and post every day and it is hard to think of things every day that someone out there may want to read. It get’s mad stressful, yo.

So I welcome all new ideas that come my way, especially if they are from the sweet nectar of my bodacious mind grapes:

I have been having my best ideas in the shower lately. I don’t know why. So since I just showered I got another idea. Kind of like this one. Well, tied to this one. (You see, this is where I send you to another post that I have created that I reference but don’t tell you the reference so you have go click on the older post to see what I am even talking about and it ups my pageview count. I am a blogging genius.) 

This idea came to me in the shower for obvious reasons.

It has occurred to me that I drink too much. Meaning: too often. I don’t think I drink too much but I judge myself against Intervention which is probably not the brightest idea to gauge your behavior against the worst case scenario of a horrible disease, but I do and I think I am fine. But I still drink too much. Somewhere my mom is nodding in agreement. Hi, Mom! I know, I know…

So I am quitting drinking. For the following reasons.

1. Money: As I have said before, I have no money. And alcohol costs a lot of money. I can’t really    afford that luxury right now.

2. Calories: Guys, I have a confession to make. I love sugar. I love it so much that I have dreams that I am eating it. And I wake up and I want sugar. Will I eat a cupcake for breakfast? In a heartbeat.            

I have been doing better in the calories dept. I don’t eat as much and I am eating better but the occasional cupcake crops up daily (Thanks, sis!) and I have no willpower against sugar. I am for sure addicted to sugar.

And what is alcohol but sugar? So I can either give up sugar (I lasted a day), or I can give up alcohol. I think that if you have a craving for anything whether it is bad for you or not, you should just go with it. And I know if I give up sugar I will be eating all kinds of shit to fill that void and that is not so cool. I have been drinking AND eating cupcakes and I am like “I can’t have both.”


3. What is art? Are we art? Is art art?: Have you ever thought to yourself “What am I like when I don’t drink?” Yeah. Me too. I have often wondered if I am even fun to be around when I am sober. I mean, I know that I am and I am around most people when I am sober but when I go out and such, what kind of sober person am I? No clue. Haven’t seen that girl in a while. Maybe I suck? I really don’t know. So let’s find out who that bitch is. Shall we?

I also look at Daniel, who doesn’t drink and he is usually awesome to be around. So am I as cool as Daniel (you feel bad about bailing on reviews now don’t you?). I need to know the answer to that question. (It’s probably a maybe.) 

4. Not foreva-eva: I will drink again on my 30th birthday (party) that is in 112 days. It sounds like a lot, but I bet it’s not that long. What I will do from there, who knows?

I may or may not write about this. Again, as I have said before, I try not to be a health blog. I have nothing against health blogs, I currently read about seven of them on a daily basis (I realize that is only three links). I just know that I couldn’t do a health blog all that well. So I leave it to other people.

A friend of mine that I have known for years and years (one time, in 7th grade art class, Holly saw a picture of my sister and she asked me, “Are ya’ll blood related?” And from then on, we have been pretty good friends. She does a health blog and she is very good at it. She is also a new mom and if you love looking at pictures of cute babies, go here. She does the health thing much better than I could because she researches and such. I don’t as we all know.

So anyhoo, yeah. This is starting tonight. Day 1 of 112. You can cheer me on or tell me to fuck off or whatever you would like to do. Knock yourself out. But from here on out, no drinking. At all. No more alcohol...

Easy peasy...right? Tune into find out! See what I did there?


D.P. said...

Oh wow. This should be interesting.

And nah I don't feel guilty. But thanks though!

Holly said...

Wow! First, I was excited when I saw you tagged peas and thank you and the daily garnish because those are two of my faves. Next, I blushed and thought to myself "I can't believe I actually said that," whilst reading the bit about what I said (allegedly) in 7th grade (still sorry), but was excited to make the blog, none the less. Then, when you actually linked me, I nearly peed myself with excitement! Thanks, man!

Also, you can do it. Stay away from Mama Pea's super yummy sweet treats and you'll be fine :) Good luck losing 10 before your 30th. It's totally do-able. I should set a similar goal, only on a much larger scale.

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