Friday, March 4, 2011

Keepers: I love cake, but that's ridiculous

It's not so much lazy as it is busy

It has been a busy week this week so your linkage for the day is a little lacking, I am very sorry. However, I assure you there is something down there for everyone.

Also, if anyone has any links they come across on their day to day and that they think I would like, email them to me. I am always open to suggestions and ideas and all that good stuff and I would be glad to share them with the world (or, you know, the teeny world that actually reads this).

I don’t even know what to do with people at times, especially when they have a cake for every occasion, like getting inseminated. Just look at the cake with the fondant sperm! What is that white nastiness smeared all over that joker? Thank you, Sherrie for this wonderful link!

My thoughts exactly. I was just bitching about Angry Birds the other day and now there is a handy little chart-type-thing to express my distaste. 

We all know how I love a blog that you don’t have to read anything and this is one of my favorites for sheer nostalgia. Go here to I’m Remembering. It’s good stuff. 

Whaaatt? How to make Cadbury Crème Eggs, people. Seriously. This looks slightly more complicated than things I usually make but this will be attempted before Easter. Mark my words. Thanks for the link Morgan! 

Alright, people. Have an excellent weekend. I know it has been a quiet week on the IG, but I will be back next week in full force! Smooches, my lovelies.

Oh, and this will be my first weekend without drinking in a very, very long time. Yikes…


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