Friday, March 18, 2011

Keepers: Bullies, Babies and a Douchebag

This week: largely better than the last and for that, I am thankful. No cooking links today, you’re welcome.

Sometimes you just need to know that your child is a fucking twat.

A bully gets pwned  (I am told by my nerd friends, that means “owned”). Thank you Daniel!

This was sent to me with the title “The first good thing Comcast has done ever” and I would have to agree. Both Community and Parks and Recreation got renewed for another season. I am pumped to say the least. Thank you, Daniel! 

Melissa Beck, formerly Princess Melissa, now has a blog on tumblr and it is a lot of fun. Plus, she has just the cutest little girl I have ever seen. AND she loves Hello Kitty! She posted this this week and I could relate (sort of) so I thought I would share. Go to her blog, show her some love. She is awesome. 

Have you smiled today? You are about to

Hi. I am moving to Portland. If anyone would like to go with me, please let me know so you can pay for me. Thankyouverymuch. 

This is from 2008 but I assure you it is still glorious in 2011. 

Booo…but it is kind of true. The movies you watched back in the day did contain a lot of douchebags. 

Posts you might have missed this week:

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Holly said...

I want to move to Portland, too. I'm pretty sure at that point, MP would have to take out a restraining order for realz because I am so obsessed.

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