Thursday, March 31, 2011

Normalcy is Overrated

*note to everyone, do NOT do a Google image search for the term "normal."

Okay. I am probably the weirdest person in my family *the entirety of my siblings (Christy, that means sister), cousins, parents, aunts, uncles, nephews (one day, guys!) are nodding their heads in agreement* I will take that because it is very true. I have always been the black sheep so to speak and everyone knows it. But that is not to say that other members of my family aren’t weird in their own right. 

When everyone gets off work what is the first thing you do? I change. Always change clothes. I have to the second I am in the door. Either that or get in the shower before all the hot water is gone. It’s like I can’t wait to get out my uncomfortable work clothes (to everyone who has seen me at work, you probably already think I dress pretty comfortably if not flat out terrible). My sister, does not.

She stays in her work clothes until after she has made dinner (every night, almost), hung out with the kids and then given them a bath. She stays in work clothes the entire time. And she does it in, get this load of malarkey, in her heels. She is an avid heel wearer and, unlike me, she can actually walk effectively in them. She keeps them on the entire time she is cooking, cleaning and wiping kids asses. In heels.

If your mind is not blown right now, I don’t know what to do with you. I have even seen her give those bastards a bath in heels. Hunched over, bathing toddlers in four inch stilettos. And I don’t think she is trying to be June Cleaver or anything. Neither one of us exactly screams “June Clever.” We may know our way around the kitchen and we can both make kick-ass sandwiches but 50’s housewives, we are not. I was confused to say the least. So I asked her, “Dude, what is with the heels?”

“I don’t like my pants to drag on the floor so I just keep my shoes on.”

Fair enough, neither of us are what anyone would call “tall” and dragging pants will always be a lifelong complaint of the very short. So I asked her why doesn’t she just change clothes as soon as she gets home, like I do and she just kind of shrugged it off like it's never really been a thought that has crossed her mind.

That's weird, right? Am I alone in thinking that that is weird? I don't know if it is because I strive to be a dirty hippie, but I can't keep shoes on inside a house. It's just not natural. But high heels? NFW (no fucking way). Am I right?


The Mean Beene said...

Who wears real clothes in their house? No one.

There are really only two times when real clothes are acceptable in the home:
You are planning to go out and just hanging out for a bit
You have company

End of story.

Stacey Garrett said...

Morgan, I agree with you completely. It is not normal. Real clothes are not a necessity while you are at home.

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