Friday, April 1, 2011

Keepers: Filthy Friday

Okay, here is the thing, the thing is this: I have been asking for people to send me links that they find helpful/ entertaining/ weird (mostly weird) so who am I to say that a certain link is too risqué? Why should I keep something from being posted? As I have said before (or as Mac from It’s Always Sunny has said before) “You can’t censor me, bro. I am kind of a badass.” So from here on out whatever you send me will be deemed appropriate. This is the internet, there is no such thing as too much or inappropriate.

This week on Keepers, we are just going to go full-on porno. Get this weekend started right. Everything is perfectly SFW (suitable for work) unless otherwise noted. And, come on now, this is the internet. What else should it be used for??? So I welcome you all to: Filthy Friday. Will every Friday be this way? Absolutely not. But if I ever have anything to say that is X-rated, I will keep it on Friday, how does that sound? Glad to hear it, onto your links, and thank you to everyone that sent something in, you disgusting pervs:

I don’t exactly know about all of this, but it’s on the internet so it must be true. The Top Ten Sexual Fantasies of Women. Whether I agree with all of them is neither here nor there and I will never tell you people anyway. 

I have posted parts of this series before because I find it entertaining. It’s the internet apocalypse, how could that not be entertaining? Anyhoodle, if there was no internet, then that means no internet porn. Ruh roh. 

Okay, we all know I love nerds and nerd culture but this may be pushing it a bit. Okay, a lot. This is sort of NSFW but it’s mostly just very, very weird. If you do open this at work, have your mouse handy to close-out with a quickness. 

Do you like to look at tattoos as much as I do? I thought to. Go here. You can and will thank me later. Be warned that there is a lot of naked ass on this site as there are a lot of traditional back pieces and a good bit of ass is involved in those, so if you can tough it out, it’s a good tattoo site.  

According to the tosh.o blog, SmoothGroove is a comfortable, hygienically safe and discreet to solution to camel toe. Or, you know, you could just wear looser pants. Either/ or.

Why can’t we transition from sex to yarn? I think we can and I just did. Yes this is the end of sexy-time links. 

My questions is, he has a girlfriend??? I don’t know what I find harder to believe, that this actually happened or that he had a girlfriend the whole time…

You’re welcome video of the week. I am sure a lot of you have seen this already but for those of you that  haven’t here is what everyone has been talking about. 

Old drunk dude dancing? Old drunk dude dancing. 

Well that is just the cutest little hair accessory I ever did see. And could make that for a lot cheaper. 

I don’t need this but I kinda want it. 

Yes, he is funny but The Sheen needs to die now. Immediately, in fact.  

I do not understand this new bacon fad. It seems like everywhere you turn, BACON! People do realized it is flayed pig fat, right?  

Here is an idea, don’t beat women. I have about had it up to here *holds hand high above head* with Chris Brown and his fuckery and this article summed up quite nicely a few things that I wanted to say. If you can’t say it any better, then borrow someone else’s rant, and here it is. Fuckface. 

If there is one thing that I know and love it is nail polish and this just sounds too good to be true. Does anyone know anywhere that does this in Memphis

Burrito Sushi. It sounds both intriguing and disgusting but it looks tasty, no? 

Are those cookies shaped like cupcakes?! My mind is both blown and at peace. 

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Everyone enjoy your weekend. Until next time, my lovely assholes…


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