Friday, April 15, 2011

Keepers: Happy Meth Recovery

But how are they supposed to eat it with no teeth?

This probably has been the longest week in the history of all weeks. I am sure that I will say that again in a few weeks, but seriously. Long ass week. It was an ok week, and certainly and interesting one, but long. Longlonglong. As always thank you everyone for you links and if you have anything (seriously, anything. Blog ideas, links, fb, saying hi, whatever) you want to send, send it here. Your links from this long ass week:


Your awesome video of the week: This kid is great. Probably the best thing I have seen all week.  And watch the asshole in the plushie bonnet. Someone please tell her the room she has to talk is a teeny closet. 

All I can really say here is “Whoa…” 

Donald Glover is a favorite around here on the IG. He was on Jimmy Fallon not too long ago and the interview was just adorable and completely hilarious. Kix really is the hand-job of breakfast cereals.

If you ever wanted to see Autobots dancing to thriller you can go ahead and click here and then you can leave me your thanks in the comments. Cool. 

The interwebs are lousy with this video right now, but I had it on Monday dammit. Do you hear me, Internet?! Monday! A super cool little girl chose the dark side. It’s where all the cool capes are…

This is hard to watch, you’ve been warned. Not because it’s gross but because, yeah. It’s just hard to watch. But you should. Because I said so. 

This is actually a voicemail and not a video exactly and no, it is probably not real, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining now does it?  Fake boobs aren’t any less fun to look at, now are they? 

Denny’s is just really killing it lately with the fucknuttery 

Random/ Funny/ Pervy/ Weird/ You’re welcome:

This is the cutest thing you will see today. So dude is illustrating 101 Hello Kitties and will eventually put them into a coffee table book (I will let you all know where to buy it for me when it comes out). 

There are no words for how creepy this really is. No words. I don’t even know why I am typing right n 

Corgis! Warming Glow is pretty much the reason why I want a corgi so badly. They have Corgi Friday every week and it’s just so much cuteness. Here is last weeks if you want to see cute puppies today. 

Oh Applebees, I knew you were ridiculous and sketchy and your food is terrible but geez! Come on! 

Hipster Ariel…that  has yet to get old to me. I dunno. I just really like Ariel. 

Stuff I want:

I need to have these for obvious duh reasons.

My umbrella has been really fucked up for a while now so if anyone wants to get me The Gunbrella, let me know. 

Why did I not think of this?! 

Okay this isn’t something that I personally want but I know two little kids who would flip their shit over this

Zombie Toast? Zombie Toast.  


If anyone was wondering what sadomasochistic crocheting looks like (and who isn’t?) here you go

Okay I love tattoos and I love cake, so why not combine the two? A lot of these are very much amazing if you overlook the Ed Hardy themes (please overlook the Ed Hardy themes) 


10 things to do with Peeps, besides just eat them, obviously...including Peepshi (Peep Sushi)!

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Have a lovely weekend everyone. And to my fans/ friends at the Hot Wing Festival Thingy, have fun. Be safe. Don't do anything I wouldn't do (so basically, feel free to do whatever).


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