Friday, April 22, 2011

Cute? Yes. Smart? Ehhh...

Before I begin, there is this:

Does anyone out there know who you can most definitely fool with the "Ewww! That smells horrible, come smell it..." routine ??? A four-year-old. Shocking. I know. We just played a quick game that was fun for the both of us and also pretty ridiculous for two smart individuals such as ourselves. It alll started with me taking out the trash...

There has been this funk smell wafting through our household since this morning and it is pretty grody. I determined it was most definitely our garbage can so I took the garbage out. Whitman could smell it from where he was standing and he looked curious as to what was smelling so badly so I said "Ewww. This smells awful, come smell it..."

He was, of course, happy to oblige. He came over and put his whole face in the garbage can and took a whiff and he concurred, it smelled pretty rank. To see his "this smells terrrible" face is pretty funny so I just took him around the house and told him to smell stuff and to tell me what everything smelled like. According to him everything smelled bad. We killed a good 30 minutes just smelling things. Anyone who says that small children are hard to please is the dumbest person imaginable. Moving on...

I know that I have said before that at times parents think what their kids do or say is way, way funnier to them than it is to anyone else. And that is all well and good. However, I really hate to break it to some parents that their kids aren't that funny. In fact, I am sure some of them may be a little bit boring. Hate if you must (haters gonna hate), but come on. Even the parents of boring kids know their kids are a little boring. Quit lying to yourself, it helps no one.

Garrett and Whitman just so happen to be really cool and funny and amusing to everyone on Earth. It's true. I've seen it. And I am an excellent judge of character and entertainment. And that is how we got to this:

In truth, the idea for this video was must grander and funnier than it turned out being, but it's a super cute kid doing stupid noises. What is not to like? Come on, now! I fear we will not be the next YouTube sensation but someday Whitterbug is going to be grateful to see how weird he used to be as a kid and he is going to thank me for this. I just know it.

Please ignore my very, very country-bumpkin-ass accent. It is terrible and I am not the most fond of it:

Again, I am sure it is lame to anyone that isn't related to this kid is going to be bored to tears, but it's the little, really stupid things like this that make me gush with parental (not a parent) pride. I am easy to please, what can I say, really?

Oh, and hooray for Friday night blog posting. To anyone that thought I had a life, you were so very wrong. Egg. All over your face.


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