Friday, April 22, 2011

Keepers: Irate Warrior loves a movie night

Before we get to the bulk of our linkage, let’s get this very important piece of info out of the way first: My Wu-Tang name generator name is Irate Warrior. Let’s all ponder on that and fitting it really is. Feel free to comment with your Wu-Tang name generator name in the comments or on the FB. 

Happy Earth Day to everyone! If I would have thought more about it, I would have actually tailored your links to Earth Day and recycling and being green but I kinda spaced on that. Your links my beautiful nerds:


How excited am I to bring you your awesome video of the week in video form and not just a link to YouTube? Pretty damn excited!

The many life affirming dances of Christopher Duncan Turk (C-Dav, if you are reading, this one is for you) 

I think Flash Mobs have already run their course, thankfully. But to say that it isn’t somewhat amusing to see middle-aged women at Target break into a flash mob (right in front of the entrance? RUDE!) would be a lie. But let’s all be done with flash mobs, shall we? 

Look at these fucking hipsters! It’s the Hipster Olympics, folks! And let me say now that I was drinking PBR way before it was cool! 

Shaun of the Dead in 60 seconds and given the Scott Pilgrim treatment. You are all welcome. 

Here is a video that I refuse to watch but that doesn’t mean that you all shouldn’t. Atmosphere is Daniel’s, like, favorite. I have heard some of his stuff and I like most of it, for the most part. I am told it is an amazing video but I couldn’t tell you. Not watching on principal alone. 

Random/ Funny/ Pervy/ Weird/ Cool/ Nerdy/ You’re welcome:

Hello Kitty is both cute and sexy and here she is in body paint form! 

Everyone loves a movie night, am I right? And movie night dates are inevitable and always kind of fun. Never before has there been a comprehensive review of what movie to pick and how to behave during your first movie night experience. It’s a good read and everyone who has ever had or will have a movie night date should read this

I am not huge on massages as I don’t like to be touched by strangers all that much, but this sounds gloriously wonderful. It’s a salt and tequila massage. I want to go to there. 

As we all know, I am doing my best to not partake in the spirits (for now!) but this makes me want to drink heavily in a good way. It also proves that mixed drinks do not have to be girly! 

The Leslie Knope guide to emoticons. Yes! Informative and helpful! 

Okay so…Taco Bell now has a Dorito’s Nacho Cheese taco shell being tested in a few of its stores. Someone out there may be interested in that, I surely found it grossly amusing. 

Even for me, that is a lot of starbursts. And can someone please tell me what mom works for years with candy wrappers to make a prom dress for her daughter to wear??? In awe I am. In awe of the awesome.  

I know a lot of you could not care less about food and where food is now, yada yada, but one of my favorite vegan bloggers breaks it down all nice and brief like here

Another pretty big reason that Kindle’s are terrible

Stuff I want:

Harry Potter voice-activated wand and flashlight, excuse me while I geek the fuck out. 

An i’Pawd…get it? It’s an iPad for dogs! Dog Nerd Humor! 

Awww it’s kind of fucked up but how cute? Who says you can’t look hardcore while walking your dog?! 

She’s Crafty:

It’s a Bacon Rose Bouquet. You can now get your pork fat in flower form! Still gross? Still gross.

Food (aka, food things I find that I want to keep track of to one day use):

I have been sent several different recipes for Cadbury crème eggs and I shared those so why not share this one as well, and this one looks pretty cool.

America’s top 10 new sandwiches veganized. I am going to try a couple of the simpler ones out one of these days. And I am sorry but all of your carnivores out there can't tell me that some of these don't look amazingly tasty!

Here is a pretty good guide to cooking seasonally. All the cool kids are doing it. 

Falafel is an IG favorite and sometimes when you make it yourself (I have yet to do this, but I plan on it soon) you have mix leftover and here are a few ways you can use your leftover mix. Be Green! It’s Earth Day! 

We all know how I love a recipe that lets you remake some form of delicious candy so I now give you a recipe for homemade Twix and homemade truffles

And finally we have a pretty awesome picture of some Peep Sushi sent to me by two different Reddit nerds named Chris, Thanks guys!

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