Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peep Show: My ode to Easter candy

I'll holla. I have a truck to steal.

Easter is this weekend! I know it is a very important time for most families and children because of that one special day that we can all rejoice and celebrate, that great day when no one can ever, ever be sad: The day after Easter when Peeps are on sale for a quarter.

Valentine’s day used to be my favorite holiday for specific candy but we all know what happened with that. And I do love Halloween candy and having everything in fun size packages, when you normally can’t find them that way, is always nice. But as far as holiday candy nowadays, my love lies with Easter candy. It’s my jam.

When you see boatloads of Peeps start to pop up here and there around March and you think to yourself, “Fuck! That is A LOT of Peeps! Who even eats Peeps?” The answer to your question is: me. I do. I eat Peeps.  They are one of my all time favorite candies.

Okay so they are sugar coated marshmallows but I don’t see how that doesn’t sound delicious? Its sugar covering a marshmallow, what is not to love? And they are so bright and colorful. Every time I look at them, it makes me just a tinge happier. Look at a Peep and see if your heart doesn’t smile just a wee bit, it will. Trust me. If it doesn’t, you may be dead inside. FYI.

How happy are you right now???

I think I just love marshmallows in general but Peeps are my OG marshmallow candy. My new favorite marshmallow based candy is the Russell Stover chocolate covered marshmallow eggs. The hardness of the outer chocolate shell wrapped around marshmallow is pretty spectacular. You should all try it. And it’s light and airy so you can always lie to yourself like I do by saying it isn’t that bad for you. It is, but I don’t so much care. And I don’t think anything can be as bad for you as the mother of all awesome Easter candy, the Cadbury Crème Egg.

Cadbury eggs are more highly accepted in today’s world of Easter candy but that doesn’t mean that lots of people don’t hate them. They do. Cadbury eggs start appearing right after Christmas, or so it seems to me. I have gone until this past Sunday without eating one all year. That’s pretty good. Usually I go through a 4-pack by February.  I haven’t the foggiest of ideas what the white crème inside a Cadbury Egg is and I don’t care. I am sure it is nothing but sugar and high fructose corn syrup and fattyness but it’s an indulgence I feel I deserve. So shut up.

I think I just filled the cup...

And here is the correct way to eat a Cadbury Egg if anyone out there was wondering: Unwrap it all the way, first (This is not a huge burrito or a wrap. You don’t need to keep the foil on). You should be able to take it down in three bites. The first bite (start at the top of egg, people!) breaks the chocolate shell. It will just take the top off, really and you won’t get hardly any of the good stuff. But that is okay. The first bite is just to ready yourself for the filling and to check out the filling consistency. Sometimes it’s a little dry and that will just ruin your whole day. To everyone that gets a dry one, I feel your pain. It’s not cool. The second bite will take a good bit of the cream and the chocolate off your hands. But savor that bite. It’s almost gone. Then your last bite. If you ate it correctly you should have equal parts chocolate and cream. Enjoy it. You are also going to wait a while, a few hours at least, before you eat any other sugar. I mean, I can go minutes but I am used to it, and you may not be. I am trying to keep the diabetic comas at bay, here. You’re welcome. Consider my knowledge dropped.

Really I just love candy. We all know this. But there is something about the pastel colors and the egg shapes and Technicolor sugar that just makes Easter such a special time for me. So everyone go grab a Cadbury egg (put it in the freezer!) and a box of Peeps and everyone enjoy what Easter has to offer…CANDY!


Snoballz said...

Relevant link: Peep Sushi

Stacey Garrett said...

I posted about Peep Sushi last week on Keepers and my other friend Chris already sent me that exact pic. But thank you!

Snoballz said...

You can't expect me to read EVERY blog post, now can you?

If Chris sent you that exact pic... that means he's... a Redditor!

The Mean Beene said...

Second bite, after eating the top off is tounging the cream out. That's what he said. oooooo.

Stacey Garrett said...

Bam. Morgan with the inappropriate cream comment. What took you people so long? You guys have let me down. Way, way down. In no universe should it have taken hours for someone to make that joke. You people are slipping. Slipping.

Sherrie Bee Bop said...

You know what I love? Those white chocolate Kit Kats that are orange. They put them out for Halloween. Once. Never again. Haven't seen em since. Probably because when I ran out of mine, and I had gained 920.6 lbs by this point, I went barging into the nearest Nestle plant and dipped all the factory workers into delicious orange colored white chocolate and ate them in bushels. omnomnomnomnom

Stacey Garrett said...

Sherrie, I have to disagree with you on those. Those are not my jam. I like white chocolate sometimes. I had a white chocolate Toblerone a few weeks ago and it was to die for. And I like white chocolate and mint together and that is really all I can stand of white chocolate.

Now if they had a dark chocolate KitKat, I would be all about it.

The Mean Beene said...

How can you not make an inappropriate comment about anything with a cream filled center?

But seriously, digging out the cream with my tongue is my favorite part.

Holly said...

Peeps are the single most disgusting candy on the planet, followed closely by York peppermint patties and Swedish Fish.

Stacey Garrett said...

Holly you shut your face. Swedish Fish are delicious. And I know you are one of those super weird people that hates mint and chocolate so I will let you slide on the hatred of peppermint patties.

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