Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Have I Done?!?

Attention grabbing title, yes?  

Let’s all play catch up on my mediocre resolutions for 2011 and let’s see how we are doing:

Get at least one haircut – Done!

Master the art of Amigurumi – So far I have made one Amigurumi body but it doesn’t have a face or anything yet but it’s a stuffed body and that is a start. I will take it.

Learn how to knit and sew – I have sewing down already. I couldn’t make a dress or anything but I could stumble my way through something easy that no one has to wear. Knitting is another story all together. I haven’t so much as picked up the needles. It’s get me down, it really does.

Watch Firefly – Nope not yet. But I will. I still have plenty of time.

Cook more – I have been cooking considerably less which needs to be remedied. Mostly what I do for dinner is I look at the leftover ingredients from the previous nights dinner and I usually use whatever is there and make it into something delicious. For example: The other night we had these really good potatoes with olives and Greek yogurt and feta cheese and I took the yogurt, cheese and olives and put it in a pita with hummus and lettuce and it was pretty damn good.  But the whole family isn’t going to eat that.  One of these days I will concoct something for everyone on a regular basis.

Continue to breathe in and out – BAM. Done!

Walk erect – I am straight-up killing it with this one, especially since I am on drinking hiatus.

So out of like eight-ish things I have done over a 3rd of them, I think that is pretty damn good and it isn’t even April yet. Winning. It’s pretty obvious. Duh.

This kid knows what I am talking about


Sherrie Bee Bop said...

Totally watching Firefly now. It ain't bad!

Snoballz said...

Firefly, the best television series you've never seen.

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