Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cupcakes like a Mother Trucker

This is pretty much what alcohol has to compete with every day and why I had to give it up. Day 6, bitches! What WHAT?!

I simply do not have the willpower to ignore such deliciousness.

Christy (my wonderful sister and roommate) has been perfecting her cupcake craft lately and there are usually cupcakes all over the damn place. These were for an actual Sip and See (I kind of hate myself for knowing what that is) for a person. We normally don't have 140 mini-cupcakes sitting around the house.

We make cupcakes and shop at Lowe's.

Strawberry cupcakes are pretty much my jam.

The kid's name started with a C. I cannot remember what it actually was. Right now we can just go with C is for Cool.

I have been known to sit Whitman up on the counter and dip the cake scraps we are given into leftover icing. It's pretty awesome, to say the least. I know you are all jealous. I had cake scraps last night and they rocked my world.

Editors Note: I am an idiot. It IS Sip and See. Thanks, Holly!


The Mean Beene said...

What is a Sit and See?

Those are some damn pretty cupcakes. Y'all need to take pictures of them (in good lighting) for cookbook/cupcake tutorial manual.

Holly said...

I always thought it was a sip and see. Like people come and drink and look at your new baby. I'm going to continue to call it sip and see, because that seems exponentially more fun.

Stacey Garrett said...

Yes, it is Sip and See, thank you Holly. I changed it.

Morg, Sip and See is basically what Holly said. Kind of like a baby shower but after the baby is born. And you have ideas out the Wazoo. Ha ha.

The Mean Beene said...

What kind of pompous assholes throw a come look at my child party? I can understand a baby shower after the baby is born but not staring at the thing.

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