Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello Kitty is Cooler Than Batman*

Pretty much everyone knows that I love Hello Kitty. This is no secret.

That's me! Courtesy of Super Dave at Trilogy

I can’t explain to you now why I like Hello Kitty. I just can’t. I grew up loving her and it has since grown from there. I have love for the HK in my heart and on my back. She just makes me happy.

There used to be a Sanrio store back in the day at the Hickory Ridge Mall, but I am not exactly sure that the mall is even there any more and the store is long gone. I started out saving my precious money (seriously, when I was a kid, I saved money like it was my job) and I would mostly just buy stationary and pencils. Now I have all kinds of stuff and I constantly want more.  

My sister, being the master cake maker that she is, purchased some sort of something Hello Kitty for caking making or candy molding or whatever. She bought them for no reason at all besides them being $1.00 and her knowing I love Hello Kitty. I then told her that for my 30th Birthday, we will be having a Hello Kitty themed party. Duh. She should have seen that coming. Then she says,

“Yeah, but you will be turning 30…”

What she meant by this is what all people mean by this, “You are too old to still like Hello Kitty.” To these people, I say Fuck to the Off.

How many Star Wars nerds and Super Hero Geeks do you see nowadays that are over the age of 30? Millions? Millions. I can name three that I know of right now off the top of my head. And I don’t know that many people.

Can’t a girl like what she did when she was a kid just like my male counterparts? I think that I can and I will continue to do so whether you think I am too old or not. When you enjoy something and like having it around, do you ever get too old for that? If the things that made you happy when you were eight still make you happy when you’re damn near 30, you just won at life. Congratulations. It doesn’t take much to please me and I have a spectacular number of Hello Kitty letter sets to prove that.

And someone go ahead and give me the argument of Star Wars and Spiderman and Batman still being cool and relevant.  And go ahead and defend your tights wearing bitch boys to the world and how they are ohmygodsomuchcoolerthanhellofuckingkitty. Go ahead. I will wait.

I am not saying that they aren’t still relevant or cool. I am just saying that HK is relevanter and kinda cool. I mean, the bitch is everywhere:

Wedding dresses:


Exhaust Pipes:

Car Seats:

Grand Pianos:



She's kind of like KISS but cuter and more entertaining (yeah, I said it).

I have done little research on this (read: none) but I defy you to find a plane, or a bike tire or a car seat with Star Wars on it. I don’t think you can. The only thing I found were these (admittedly adorable) shoes:

I'd wear them

Really, I just want the same respect as geeks get. Male and female. They get their respect and accolades for being a die-hard fan of something that is admittedly pretty silly, so where is my respect? Where is my “You know what Stacey, you love Hello Kitty and you are nearing old age, I salute you.”? Where is my convention for Hello Kitty nerds in their 40s that never get laid?** Huh? Can anyone find me these things? I won't rest (I will) until Hello Kitty nerds of any age are accepted. Attica! Attica!

I am here. I am old. I love Hello Kitty. Get used to it.

*Daniel loves Batman. And I do too, really...

**True Story: Male nerds suffer from the stereotype of being forever alone and single in their parent’s basement. Female nerds are generally considered hot. That, my friends, is a double standard that I can get behind.


Sherrie Bee Bop said...

You're a female standard I'd get behind. If you know what I'm sayin.

I actually find male nerds very hot. I was reading over Patrick's scientific paper for Herpetology recently, and his grammar and punctuation had me all sortsa turned on. LOL

Stacey Garrett said...

ha ha, Sherrie! I know what you're saying! Loud and clear!

We all know that my love for male nerds is unwavering. Comic books are like Spanish Fly to me.

D.P. said...


Stacey Garrett said...

Oh STFU with your growling! You don't scare me.

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