Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Past Everyone's Bedtime

Okay so Christy has to make 200 cupcakes for something or another tomorrow. Pretty sure she told me what and pretty sure I don't remember.

"200 cupcakes," you're thinking to yourself, "but that is insane." Insane, yes but doable. I am not exactly sure how she does it but I will be upstairs in my room and come down to the kitchen what seems like minutes later and it's like cupcakes or a cake or whatever has appeared out of thin air. She's super fast. 

There are probably cupcakes every time you turn your damn head. Cupcakes like a mug.

Small portion of the finished product

She makes her own icing and it's pretty amazing. I don't exactly want to know what is in it because I am pretty sure it would make me vomit but I look past all that.

So good.

Then she takes the delcious homemade icing and puts in a fancy pastry bag holder or, in layman's terms, a Booya's cup. 

She goes pretty fast until one thing inevitable just fucks her all up. Something that could throw a chink in any plan. Without fail it happens every damn time.

The kid eats cupcakes like a maniac. And every five minutes he gives you these really sad toddler eyes and asks, "Cupcake???" And you have to tell him "They aren't ready yet." So you give him the next best thing: The spoon.

I am pretty sure that Whitman is going to be like his aunt and his mother and love sugar. He has to have a dessert after every meal and when he chooses a snack it's usually either cheese or sugar.

I was an avid spoon batter eater in my day (earlier today) so I know the draw. It's a guilty pleasure very few can resist and I don't even try.

Once it hits your lips it's so good...

Is something on my face?

Since Christy had 200 cupcakes to make I did whatever I could to help out and chose to put the kids to bed. Let me tell you now, I suck at this. They always want to stay up a little later and I always give in. If they are good, they get to stay awake, if they start acting like dickheads, they have to go to bed. So I let them stay up until 10:00 and watch a movie with me.

We have the agreement that if they are good when I put them to bed, I will start putting them to bed more and more which basically means, they can do whatever they want and usually end up eating popcorn and/ or candy and watching a movie. They like this so they usually behave.

Whitman's "Stacey is putting us to bed" dance

Juice Boxes and Gummy Worms

This is what I get when I ask for a smile

Whitman still uses his baby blanket I made him. It's pretty cool.

Stella doesn't know what the hell to do

Just chillin
As of right now it is 11:05 and they still aren't asleep. But they are quiet and laying down and that is a win in my book. I will take it!


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